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Logo description by Michael Bass Video captures courtesy of digitaldave1982

(April 6, 1983-May 29, 2004)

Logo: On a white background, in the middle of the screen, are four lines like you would see on notebook paper. Written on the lines in cursive is "fair dinkum." Below the lines is the small text "PRODUCTIONS",With A Byline

Without Ed Studios.

FX/SFX: None. 

Variant: On the 1984 PSA movie Strong Kids, Safe Kids, this credit is seen above the usual logo: 

henry winklerexecutive producer Music/Sounds: A four-note fanfare, none, or the closing theme. 

Availability: Seen on movies such as the 1984 PSA Strong Kids, Safe Kids, and on TV shows such as Beverly Hills 90210 (early episodes), So Weird, Unexplained Mysteries, Ryan's Four and Sightings

Scare Factor: Minimal.