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<u>Background</u>: Viacom Pictures was the made-for-television film division of [ Viacom] (now "[ CBS Television Studios]"), that produced television films for the[ Showtime Network] and some theatrical releases.
1st Logo
<u>Nickname</u>: "Pink/Blue Wigga-Wigga"
<u>Logo</u>: Over a black background, we see pink and blue shapes sliding from side to side, like the 1978 [ MCA DiscoVision] logo. After a few seconds, we zoom out to reveal the 1990 Viacom logo (in the "'''\/|/\CO/\/\'''" style), with "'''\/|/\'''" in pink and "'''CO/\/\'''" in blue. The word "'''PICTURES'''" zooms in below, in red. 
*There is an earlier variant in which "PRESENTS" fades in below that, in purplish-blue. This usually appears on trailers for films made by this company, particularly the trailer for ''Keeper of the City''.
*At the end credits, "DISTRIBUTED BY", in really small letters, is seen above the print logo of Viacom Pictures, in white.
*At the end of the trailer, ''The Fear Inside'', there is a still version of this logo with the text "'''Distributed by'''" above.
<u>FX/SFX</u>: The sliding out of "\/|/\CO/\/\", the zooming of "PICTURES" and the fading of "PRESENTS". None for the closing variant.
<u>Music/Sounds</u>: Four synthesized dramatic-yet-simple ascending tones, and then an electronic version of the 1990 Viacom theme music, also known as the "Wigga-Wigga" music. The actual "wigga-wigga" sounds and the famed voice-over are all absent. Kettledrums are heard as "PICTURES" zooms in. None for the closing variant.
<u>Music/Sounds Variant</u>: There is another variant of the logo theme with drumbeats during the 4-note tune.
<u>Availability</u>: Rare. Still intact on television of the time frame, such as ''Taking the Heat'', ''Scam'', ''Keeper of the City'', ''The Fear Inside'', ''Nails ''and ''Payoff''. The best source is releases of the studio's output by [ Media Home Entertainment] or [ C/FP Video]. These films have never been released on DVD, at least in the United States.
<u>Scare Factor</u>: Low. It may surprise you the first time you see it. None for the closing variant.
2nd Logo
 <u>Logo</u>: At the beginning of any film, we see an in-credit text on the screen saying: 
But on the closing credits of some Viacom television films, this is the in-credit custom logo:
"DISTRIBUTED BY" is sometimes shown above it, in the same style as before.<u> </u>
<u>FX/SFX</u>: None for the opening variant, and the scrolling of the credits for the closing variant.
<u>Music/Sounds</u>: The opening and closing themes of the film.
<u>Availability</u>: Rare. Seen on various television films and some theatrical releases of the era, such as ''Sabrina the Teenage Witch'' (film version), ''White Mile ''and the theatrical film ''Kalifornia'', among other films.
<u>Scare Factor</u>: None.

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