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Fely Irvine TV Net (formerly FelyStarTV-FelyStar Network) is a network which airs Jornal da Fely, Bom Dia Fely, and Fely Time, and the same programs from TIN and Salt Cover except the sessoes (Salt Cover only, not TIN. and yes, Portuguese for Sessions). At 1978, it was launched as FelyStarTV. In 1984 it was renamed as FelyStar Network. In 2002 it is renamed again as Fely Irvine TV Net.

1978-1982, as FelyStarTV

Nicknames: The Filmation Parody... here it comes.


File:FSN logo 2.jpg
File:FSN logo feature presentation.jpg
File:FSN logo no slogan.jpg

Logo: Same as the Filmation logo, but instead Of Filmation it reads "FELYSTARTV". 

but slogan fades in. For it to see them, Variants below.

Variants: Slogans form this logo are:

"Felicidade em aqui" (Portuguese of Happiness on you)

"Recurso Apresentacao" (Portuguese of Feature Presentation)

No slogan.

FX: Same as Filmation.

Music/Sounds: Same as Filmation, but there is a voiceover at the end.


SF (Scare Factor): Same as Filmation.

Availability: Raridade!

August 1982-2002 as FelyStar Network

Nicknames: 1982: "Aussie Blocks" "Fely Tunes In!" "Joshua City, to Space, and Australia!" 1998: "View Askew RIPOFF" "What is Fely doing here" "Australia Streaks" "AUSSIE"  2000: "Were Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing!" "Gun Woman vs Dr. Boo?" "Snooch to the Nooch! Booyah!"

Logo: We start with a girl (Fely Irvine) tuning the TV to the channel (to FSN) in Fely's House as she sits down beside the child (which is me) and a man (Tai Hara) and kisses. I point the finger up, and said, "Couplerd!" and faced to the TV. YEAH! and we zoom out to see the city. and now we see Joshua City. (Houses, Airport road, JCIA, Icon Theatre, etc.) and we go up to space. The burst goes bright, forming the Hi-5 hand. And colored blocks' (red, blue, green, yellow, pink, magneta, and cyan) same animation from SBT at 1991 were made but instead of the Brazil map, they form Australia. and we zoom in to go face the red wall, and same as the Four Star's last logo's animation, the words, "FELYSTAR" (Fely in gray, Star in white) and and "NETWORK" are sliding. and the star shines. Background becomes gray.

As in 1998, it is live action. YEAH! Same as View Askew, we see Fely (wearing the blue dress) patting my head, and steps in to the room. and she came back wearing the jumpsuit (used in The Voice AU) and she stands closer a little bit, and i say "AUSSIE!" and we zoom in to the map of Australia with red streaks after the live action, and the background is now black. and we see the same ending of the 1982 logo.

At 2000, live action again! we see me, (AS DOCTOR BOO YOU KNOW?) and the Gun Woman was trying to shoot me, but i face at the back camera, (Fely's Eyes) and i say "Were, Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing!" and i throw the star! and same animation from 1982. THATS THE END. 

FX: 1982, live action before 3D, 1998-2000, live action, and still the same animation on the end.

Music/Sounds: 1982, the kissing sound, me saying Couplerd, and same HBO 1983 music. 1998, the instrumental version of Ai vem o Chaves is playing, with sounds, and me saying, AUSSIE! 2000, whoosh sounds, me saying, Were Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing, and whoosh sounds. and at the end i say, SNOOCH TO THE NOOCH! BOOYAH!

Trivia: Fely Irvine acts in 3 logos. and ME! Tai acts only one.


Availability: RARIDADE!!!

File:FSN logo 1.jpg

SF: None, from 1982, Hilarious, from 1998, and DRAMATIC from 2000.

Do you know, Fely Irvine was born in Jan 9 1988. Yes.

2002-present as Fely Irvine TV Net

Logo: in a sky backgound, we see 5 diamonds flying towards us. and the words Fely is also flying with the first diamond and Irvine at the second diamond with TV Net flying without the diamonds and the words, Fely  leaves the first diamond and Irvine leaves the second diamond also TV Net joins them. and the words, Fely and Irvine, fates in. and TV Net fades in next to letter E and the diamond fades in. And the text "Afiliada TIN/Salt Cover" fades in. Background turns light gray.

FX: Nice CGI!

Music/Sounds: Same as TV Vanguarda's new music with whooshes.

File:FITVN logo.jpg

Availability: Common.


SC: None.