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1st Logo (1987-ongoing)

Logo: We see some blue houses at night under a starry sky. The center house then begins to turn white with yellow windows, followed by several more next to it. The camera pans upward and across the houses to a dark gridded area. The text


in gold, fades in. The camera turns upward as the logo transforms into a 3D image.

FX: The houses, the logo fading in, the logo transforming into 3D.

Cheesy Factor: Though the CGI used was nice for 1987, it quickly started to become dated around the 2000s.

Music/Sounds: An epic and soothing orchestral tune with the sound of an infant laughing.

Availability: Seen on any family films produced and distributed by the company, such as The Princess and the Bowling Ball. The first time this logo appeared was in Ligoretto.

Scare Factor: None; it's a very tame and family-friendly logo.