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Background: Wonder Mandarin Productions was founded by K.O., Radicles, Enid, Dendy, Carol, Krissa, Diving Belle, and Red Action in 2021 and it was acquired by Wilson Pictures.

1st Logo

(2021- )


Logo: On a white background, the characters from the show (for the final shot of Let's Fight Till The End) is written out in a rough pencil look. It gets layered over with a clean out line of it, now Enid and Rad gives K.O. a lift, and he is ready to punch and forming a silhouette design. then the words "FILM LAKEWOOD" appears below him The background then fills with black around the logo. A flare appears below the logo, which reveals "A Division of Wilson Pictures" in it.


FX/SFX: The writing, and clicking.

Music/Sounds: sounds from a pen, computer arrow, sounds from the show, sparkles, a "CLANG!", crowd cheer, & speedy train wheels with sparkles and finally, three chimes at the end.

Music/Sounds Variants: In Objects Most Wanted, Lighter (Object Havoc) said "and Film Lakewood Studios, the Logo will ENTERTAINED THE LIVING HELL OUT A YOU!"

Availability: Common. it was seen in Objects Most Wanted

Editor's Note: None.