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1st Logo



Film Mountains Pictures Productions Logo (2014-2016)


Nickname: "Angry Birds Space Logo" "Serve Samuel Goldwyn Films' Brother"

Logo: Same as Angry Birds Space Trailer But It Turns Into Purple Background Some Text Reads "Film Mountains" in white with the white lines and Bottom of the Text Reads "P I C T U R E S P R O D U C T I O N S " in still white and the logo ends.

FX/SFX: Animation.

Music/Sound: The Samuel Goldwyn Company Music Plays.

Availability: Seen on "Jay,Jake and Jim the Movie" and "Fast and Buddies" Sometimes "On Diary that Melmac Blew Up" Which that 2nd Logo Plasters the 1st Logo Instead.

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo


Nickname: "Henry HuggleMonster and The Mountains"

Logo: On a Sunny Day We See Henry Huggglemonster Standing on the Mountains Besides His Arms and Hands Covering on Wings With Words "FILM MOUNTAINS PICTURES PRODUCTIONS" in Black as It Completely Few Seconds Until Logo Ends.

FX/SFX: Henry HuggleMonster Moving and Text Fading Nice CGI.

Music/Sound: An Bird Chirping and Winding Tree Sounds.

Availability: Seen on "Fast and Buddies II: Return of Chuck's Life","The Another Jay,Jake and Jim Movie" and More. This didn't appear on the Indian print of Return of Chuck's Life, as it uses the Rilan Movie Arts logo instead Also Came Appears in "Denzel and Henry".

Editor’s Note: None.