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1st Logo (4 October 2014-28 November 2014)

Filmcops (2014, From Bashkar)

WARNING, ATTENTION, AWARENESS!: Due to highly graphical and gory content, any videos will not be allowed on this site, And also don’t watch this video if your prone to seizures as well.


  • Ambari (Shivaka) Variant: “No Cop’s Around Here In This Logo” “Boring Filmcops” “Cheesy Cop’s” “The Most Hytropical Bangladesh Logo” “Placeholder Filmcops”
  • Bashkar (Bangladesh) Variant: “EW!! Disgusting!: Bangladesh & Captain Bhary Edition” “The T.D.F.W Thief” “DJS&LJ Will Not Be Happy With This ” “The Last Logo To Use The Captain Bhary Theme” “FilmGore” “The Exploding Cop Head Of Doom” “The Blatant Use Of The MLG Music Video Footage!” “Did They Seriously Used This!?: Captain Bhary Edition” “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!??!?: Captain Bhary Edition” “The Bangladesh Personification Of All That’s Gory” “The Not So MLG-ish” “The Most Goriest Logo Of 2014” “THRPB, PFFR, Timpson Films, Cavender Productions, Deep Waters Bangladeshi Cousin’s” “Way Too Hard On The Flashing Lights My Boy?” “Ear Booker Productions “Bangladeshi Father” “The Seizure Inducing Logo From Bangladesh” “This Logo Has Too Be Way Better With Good Animation, Not 35mm Film Print Logo With Cheesy Outdated Animation And Gore, Flashing Lights, And The Use Of The Captain Bhary Theme”


  • Ambari (Shivaka): On a black background, we see text saying “Filmcops” in a AgencyFB Bold font.
  • Bashkar (Bangladesh): We see a TV forming in the dark. The TV turn’s on to show a woman in a apartment building holding a phone, then the screen split’s itself show a cop/police man on the phone in an office (The one in the UTV Thai Police Call Ident P1) , then all of a sudden, a Asian man (Wearing a 25% Dark Blue Sweater and a White shirt) then comes out of nowhere, grab’s the phone from the woman, then all out of the world of nowhere. This Asian guy suddenly started screaming Chinese loudly at the police, causing his face and his entire to suddenly melt and explode, and the phone then start spazzing and sparking extremely strong while everything starting flashing rapidly as it showed multiple shot of the police whole body exploding in a gory fashion and the Asian man yelling on the phone while the woman watches in shock. This goes for 15 seconds before everything stopped, the final result of the left side of the screen was the police, his face all now a Red/Orange/Dark Red/Yellow Bloodied skull before it opens it mouth. The Asian man kept yelling for 10 more seconds, before the police jaw fell’s of this entire bloodied gory body, then his hand holding the destroyed phoned and his head fell of this entire bloody body, before the Asian man procced to stop screaming at the top of his lungs yelling before a other man on the left side of the screen then came in to the room and saw the dead body. Then the crazy Asian man stop’s yelling and procced to drop the phone before the man start to scream in fear of what he had saw, but before he could do anything, wee see a shot of the man dropping the phone is fast speed as the lyre strums to the proceeding theme of captain Bhary were playing until the falling phone filled the screen with darkness as then the text “Film” folds at the bottom of the screen in CGI, then the text “COPS” folds at the top, then the text animation play’s in reverse.

Technique: None for the Ambari (Shivaka) Variant, A mix Of Live Action And CGI for the Bashkar (Bangladesh) Variant.

Cheesy Factor:

  • All of in out of reek’s of cheesiness, the logo is Extremely boring in the Ambari Variant, no effort is made in the making of this logo, it look’s like it as made in 30 seconds in MS Paint, and the horrible use of the 35mm film prints makes this logo even worse. But looking at the Bashkar Varinat…
  • WHAT… IN… THE… FREAKING… GREEN… AND… BLUE… EARTH… WERE… THEY LITTERLY THINKING!!!!1!!111!!!!?!?!!?!?, HOW IS THIS EVEN SUITIBLE!?!?!!?!?11!?!?!!1!?, this is coming in hundreds of the horrible Bangladesh logo in the world, even the gore and strobing lights still makes this the worst. This absolutely not for kids at all. This is seriously in par with UTV Thai Police Call P1 ID, THRPB, PFFR, Timpson Films, Channel V Austrillia Horror ID, and etc.

Audio: None for the Ambari (Shivaka) Variant, For the Bashkar (Bangladesh) Variant, whooshing and swooshing noises as the TV form, then the noise for the phone ringing and silence. Then extremely loud zapping and exploding noises and yells from the man, then when the phone falls, the main theme from captain Bhary is heard.

Availability: Seen On Ambari (Shivaka) and Bashkar (Bangladesh).

Scare Factor:

  • Ambari (Shivaka) Variant: None, this is absolutely boring, but compared to Looking at the left side of the logo…
  • Bashkar (Bangladesh) Variant: Depending where you watch the film and logo, it can range from ONLY NIGHTMARE-RATED. The noises is the one, ONLY thing you can’t handle at yourself, but the flashing lights, gore is more than enough to scare hundreds of people. However, it would be nice if this was family-friendly with no flashing lights and gore, and with the cheerful/dramatic fanfare, but NO... Even if you stare at the gruesome image of the police colorfully bloodied pizza-like (now a skeleton) body, it could give you hundreds of nightmare’s, if not. This is actually the Bangladeshi logo with the highest/nightmare-rated scare factor rating along with Hunter Fire Productions' 1st logo, even some people say that S.S Productions 2nd Logo was scarier then this one, but on the CLG (Now AVID) fandom, instead of a nightmare rating, it only has a medium to high rating. Making this logo the #1 Scariest logo in Bangladesh, compared with the Ambari Variant, the next logo is way worse than this one…

2nd Logo (25 November 2015)

Filmcops (2015, From Rajdoot)

Nicknames: "The Deleted Part Of The T.D.F.W Music Video" “The T.D.F.W Thief II” “DJS&LJ Will Not Be Happy With This II” “The Last Logo To Use The Captain Bhary Theme II” “The Blatant Use Of The MLG Music Video Footage! II” “Did They Seriously Used This!?: Captain Bhary Edition II” “WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!??!?: Captain Bhary Edition II” "Even More Worse!"

Visuals: We see a same TV forming again from the last logo. But then we see all the people asleep, but then a hand holding a clock rises up TBA!