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FinleyLand Pictures (also known as FinleyLand Studios) is a British film production and distribution company. It was founded in 2007 as a production company and an animation studio. Since that same year Finley Small got a idea to make live action films, but he still does animated films. It is a division of FinleyLand Entertainment, owned by the FinleyLand Corporation since 2007, but FinleyLand Corp was bought by Village Roadshow and Laser Picture Company in 2014, while Laser Picture Company owned 75%. The ownership was dubbed as "Roadshow-Laser" (or "LPCRoadshow" like how NBCUniversal name was written usually) at FinleyLand Studios (Perhaps, I dunno.).

After January 2014, 50% stake of GreenyWorld Studios was acquired by FinleyLand Corporation, due to co-founder's departure of GreenyWorld Studios that previous year. Now the ex-GreenyWorld Studios alumni (forming from 500 employees, animators and producers, except for Robert W. Stainton) work under both FinleyLand Studios and Laser Picture Company.


Few months after the acquisition, FinleyLand Pictures opened five offices to Tokyo (as FinleyLand Studios Japan), Brasov, Bucharest & Kiev (as FinleyLand Studios Romania), Jelgava (as FinleyLand Studios Latvia), and Salt Lake City (As FinleyLand Studios America). FinleyLand Pictures was included in international production of Laser & Friends Movie, The Lego Movie 2 and did the visual effects to Finley's World: The Movie with Roadshow Animation.

Headquarters and offices[]

  • Merseyside, England, UK
  • Jelgava, Latvia
  • Brasov, Bucharest & Kiev, Romania
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Salt Lake City, Utah, USA


  • FinleyLand Studio Romania and FinleyLand Studios Latvia work together all the time, when they are in charge of either international production, special effects (both visual and sound) or animation.


1st Logo (2007-2013)[]


Nicknames: "Finley's Head in Space" "GreenyWorld Rip-Off"

Logo: The logo zooms out of Finley's eye showing an space background then Finley looks at the aerial on his head and the word "Finleyland" in the Comic Sans MS font fades in and it's Italic and the word "P I C T U R E S" in the Arial Black font while the aerial beeps, sometimes Finley does an eye bilnk (á la GreenyWorld Pictures logo).

FX/SFX: Circles coming out of the top of the aerial.

Music/Sounds: The New World Pictures logo music and the RKO Morse code sound.

Availability: Common; Seen on Charile and the Chocolate Factory and Stick Figures.

Trivia: The logo is the same as the GreenyWorld Pictures logo, but with a Finley head.

Scare Factor: Minimal for suddenly Finley's eye blinks, Medium for the fanfare.

2nd Logo (2013-2014)[]


Nicknames: "Finley's Head in the Clouds" "RKO Rip-Off"

Logo: The logo starts with clouds going pass and we zoom out of the aerial but now has a the top bit is shining and zooming out of the aerial revals it's Finley's head and the zooming stops and the aerial does a morse code (á la RKO Pictures logo) and the red word "FINLEYLAND" is in the Arial Black font and the sliver word "P I C T U R E S" is in the Arial font and is in a sunset background with clouds and also Finley sometimes blinks.

FX/SFX: Circles coming out of the top of the aerial.

Music/Sounds: Same as the RKO Pictures 1997 logo.

Availability: Common; Seen on Super Mario Bros., Willy Russel's Our Day Out and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Trivia: The logo is the same as the RKO Pictures 1997 logo, but with a Finley head.

Scare Factor: Minimal for suddenly Finley's eye blinks.

3rd Logo (2014-)[]

Nicknames: "New Finley Head"

Logo: We zoom out of the logo in the sky (a la Village Films logo/the Village Films logo way). After few seconds, the name of the company (in a silver text) zooms out. We fade out after the logo blinks.

Trivia: The RKO tower was cut off due to GreenyWorld/FinleyLand Corp stake fight, as RKO tower is a traditional element on every single logo of the company owned by GreenyWorld Studios. The 50% stake of GreenyWorld's was bought by FinleyLand Corp and after the fight,

FX/SFX: The logo's blinking, the name zooming out, clouds moving, sunset.

Music/Sounds: The whoosh sound and the Focus Features fanfare, But, the alternate verison have the Village Films fanfare without the whoosh sound.

Availability: Currently, it's seen on Finley's World: The Movie and Sherk: The Movie, as well as at their website.

Scare Factor: None, except if you have sensitive ear and you're at the theater.