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Background: Fitting Master Chithra is the vanity card for Allari Naresh, actor of the movie of the same name.


Fitting Master.png

Logo: This is a shortened version of the Fitting Master opening. To describe it clearly, On a white background with a shadow, There are some Telugu characters. A character, which is a bearded man with cowboy attire, punches two of the characters. All the characters then spin together in a massive amount of speed, and when they stop they form the text "Fitting Master" on red, with the man forming the middle character. The whole logo then freezeframes.

Trivia: The man is Allari Naresh.

FX/SFX: Everything in this logo, all in good CGI.

Music/Sounds: Two kicks, then a violin ascendo which repeats twice and a fast swooping sound, following by a fanfare of 3 bombastic synth notes with the men saying "Fitta-Fitta-Fitting Master!", echoed.

Availability: Seen on shows like Yash Naahaa Kiljut and Reshkabazzugal.

Editor’s Note: The animation is so fast and sudden to whenever it comes to it and the logo itself has a very strong nature, and the man also looks more like a humanoid.