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1st Logo (2007-present)

Logo: On a black background, the letters of the company name, ("F", "L", "A", "S", "H", "T", "E", "X" and "T", all of them in blue) fly very fast, close and far, to left and to right, randomly through the screen. After a while, the letters come very fast to form the word "FLASH TEXT", except the "A", which fades in. Under the phrase, the word "PICTURES" (smaller than "FLASH TEXT") fades in also. Also, a blue spotlight fades while the company name forming. 


  • Sometimes, "Pictures" is replaced by "Distribution". This can be seen on re-releases of CD20 Pictures films from 1990-2010 on Blu-ray and VHS, but not on DVD, as the normal logo appears.
  • A still version exists on Idiotic Wars: The Battle Frontier on Xbox One and PS3, while the animated logo appears on other ports.
  • There is another version where the entire logo fades out (excluding the background) and "" fades in, followed by text reading "Are you one?" then the logo fades out.

FX/SFX: The static speed of the logo. 

Music: Same as the 2004 Rogue Pictures logo.

Avaliblility: Common. Seen on every Flash Text film starting with Hey Bro, Why is the President a Giant?.