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BackgroundFloyd's Sweet Cartoon Stash is an animation studio founded by comedy writer Floyd Radick in 2009. The studio is owned by Haswell Productions, and is best known for producing adult animated tv series such as The Jerk McGee ShowSituational Comedy, and Bowlingers

(2009 - )

Floyd's Sweet Cartoon Stash.png

Floyd's Sweet Cartoon Stash - (2009)

Nicknames: "Perfect", "The Scribbly TV"

Logo: A person is seen sitting on a couch and pointing a remote at their TV, which has fast moving blue scribbles on it's screen. Below, the words "Floyd's Sweet Cartoon Stash" are shown in green, all-caps text

FX/SFX: The scribbles on the TV screen

Music/Sounds: Some electrical buzzing, followed by a man saying "Perfect"

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • There is a variant where the voice that says "Perfect" is not heard

Availability: Current. Seen on the shows it’s on the Background of the company.