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1st (and only Logo) (2013-2021)[]

Flying Angel Productions (Arabia, 2013-2021)

Nicknames: "Osodashi Kamen as an angel", "Floating Angel Osodashi", "So Mysterious in Heaven"

Logo: In the cloudy background, we see the Osodashi Kamen from Jankenman (1991) as an angel, floating up in sky (like this deviation ). The Arabic text, written as "الطائر الملاك للإنتاج", appears under him.

FX/SFX: The Japanese animation with Osodashi flying.

Music/Sounds: Some sort of an ominous choir.

Availability: It's seen at the end of any rated R films made by this company like Killing My Love, Overjoy and VICTIM.

Editor's Note: The logo's sudden choir may unnerve some people, but it's great for Arabic fans of Jankenman and Osodashi Kamen.