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Fottonback Television Enterprises Limited is the only Guyanan Vanity Card, founded by Eric Fottonback. The company had bankruptcy for one sole year, until they came back in 2015.

(2007-2013, 2015-pres)

Nicknames: "The Atomic Puppet Theme Song Theft", more TBA.


Logo: We see a red-sleeved hand with a pen on it. The hand then draws rapidly a very modeled and inspirated "horse tail" without the rest of it. Once it draws, the hand then rips the paper with a line, and it morphs again. The text "Fottonback" and "Television Enterprises Ltd." appear, all in Eric's script, through the line that's aside the horse tail.

FX/SFX: Impressive animation.

Cheesy Factor/Music/Sounds: The animation is just drawn, but not colored, except the red sleeve of the hand. There is just one error, undescriptable though, but the extreme cheesiness logo comes from the music, which on their first years, an excellent guitar and band fanfare is shown, but in 2016 onwards, is an low rock-guitar brief rendition with low-pitched guitar on it, of the Atomic Puppet theme, starting with the E note, which technically starts at some shows, except for The Peabody and Sherman Show, which includes the sound of the moose from "Jay Ward Productions" playing over the note.

Availability: Seen on a tremendous amount of shows produced by NCN Television Channel 8 (1943-pres) starting in 2007, like Pujou The French, Disbanded, Reckon Brothers, The Bank Vilaverde, The Lottery of Life or Habisurje. Also seen on The Peabody and Sherman Show, current prints of The Magic School Bus in Guyana, and Breadwinners.

Scare Factor:

  • 2007-2013, 2015: Medium. The excellent guitar fanfare and the impressive, pacing animation may get to some, but it's harmless and too original.
  • 2016-pres: Low, bordering on medium. The animation is still there, but you must laugh at they stole the music from another animated show.

However, many Guyanans consider this as the most favourited logo of the country.