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1st Logo (2002-2008)

Nicknames: "The Dartboard Again", "The Animated Dartboard is back", "The Frederator Dartboard Returns"

Logo: Same as Frederator Studios 1st and 2nd logos without the word "INCORPORATED" and "A" was removed. The word "Presents" is replaced "Production". The word "INTERACTIVE" in same font of Frederator Studios 1st and 2nd logos.

FX/SFX: Same as Frederator Studios 2nd logo.

Variants: On Speedy Blue Dog 2, we see Speedy Blue Dog runs fast around the logo. On Speedy Blue Dog: The Curse of Zombie Dogs, after the logo plays Speedy Blue Dog was chewing his chew toy.

Music/Sounds: Same as Frederator Studios 2nd logo.

Availablity: First appeared on Speedy Blue Dog video game series that starts in 2002 and among others.

Scare Factor: None to high.

2nd Logo (2008-)

Nicknames: "Frederator Robot is here", "Fredbot in the box"

Logo: On a light gray background, we see Fredbot is in box that shaped like a rectangle. It draws a rectangle and the word "FREDERATOR" in a same font from Frederator Studios 4th logo pops out. The word "INTERACTIVE" zooms in. The logo is finished.

FX/SFX: The lines traced a rectangle and falls off, the word "Frederator" pops out like in 3D and the word "Interactive" zooms in little bit is simliar to Warner Bros. Cartoons Shield zooms in.

Variants: On Super Squirrel Ball video game series, the logo is still.

Music/Sounds: Same as previous logo.

Availablity: As seen on new Speedy Blue Dog video games, Super Squirrel Ball video game series (Super Squirrel Ball was created by Pendleton Ward (the creator of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake)) and among others.

Scare Factor: Same as previous logo.

3rd Logo (2013-)

Nicknames: "When Larrybot and Fredbot met...", "The Personification of All That is Cute.", "Larrybot and Fredbot"

Logo: On a still shot of a scene about Larrybot meeting Fredbot, we see Larrybot and Fredbot bonking heads. In front of them is the orange words "Frederator Interactive" in a System font.

FX/SFX: None. It's A Still logo.

File:Frederator Interactive logo.jpg

Trivia: This logo was designed by me, Larry Kaplan.

Music/Sounds: The Opening theme of the Video game.

Availability: Common. Fan-made only. It can be seen on "Larry Kaplan's World of Racing!", "Speedy Blue Dog Meets Larry Kaplan" and others.

Scare Factor: None.