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Background: This company started in 2015 after the Austin Alexander 20th Century Fox Animation logo capture stealing incident.

1st Logo (2015-2016)[]

Logo: We see TVBRobotnik, Sascha Man, Tom Productions, TylerTristar3, and ProFan88 going to FromtheWordsofBR's house. Tom gives FTWOBR a million dollars. ProFan88 asks FTWOBR if he could hang out with him. Sascha makes a "Thank You" card to FTWOBR. Tyler writes something in the "Thank You" card. Then, we cut to TVB putting up a poster with the words:

FromtheWordsofBR ROCKS

Five seconds after they finish up, FTWOBR comes in to his room. He sees the "Thank You" card. By the time he has finished reading it, the six are outside of his house. We see FTWOBR in the same area outside of the house wearing a party hat and celebrating. After that, we go to the other side of the house. There are food trucks selling cakes and hot dogs. Shortly after, TVB puts up another FromtheWordsofBR ROCKS Productions poster. Austin Alexander comes in, groans, and says "This can't be happening." to himself. ProFan88 says "Oh, shut up!". Austin runs away, crying like a baby.

FX: All live action.

Variant: The logo usually is cut to the part where the second poster is put up.

Music: Rock music and sounds that go with this logo.

Availblity: Seen on "FrometheWordsofBR is Cool" and other films starring FTWOBR from this time.

Scare Factor: None to Low, this is a happy logo but the party scene may surprise you.

2nd Logo (Late 2016-present)[]

Same as above, but during the party scene, Lotsoflogos comes in and says "Cue the confetti!". Confetti starts coming in from the sky.