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Fuzzbert Studios is an Animated film Company With films founded in 2004

1st Logo (2004)[]

Untitled 138 1280x720 3

Logo: On A Teal Background, We see Fuzzbert from Trolls With a Full of Green Hair and Orange feet Walks Through the Screen. And Stops and Look at Us. The Text "FuzzBert Studios" In Orange Font.

FX/SFX: None

Music/Sounds: Same as the Reader's Digest Video Logo

Availability: Rare

Scare Factor: Oh

2nd Logo (October 2018)[]

2018-10-18 19.02

Logo: On A Teal Background, We see Fuzzbert From The 1st Logo Zooms Out to a friend and Stops. The Words:



FX/SFX: Fuzzbert

Music/Sounds: A twist twinkle Music

Availability: Seen On Nicho Nicko

Scare Factor: Low

3rd Logo (2019)[]

Logo: It's An In-credit Text Reads

A Fuzzbert Studios Company

FX:SFX: None

Music/Sounds: The Opening Theme

Availability: Seen On the phonenumber Cake