GS Entertainment is a Production, 2002 as Gamestop Entertainment, in 2013, Renamed to GS Entertainment.

1st Logo (2002-2009)

Nickname:"Gamestop", "Chessy Turnel"

Logo:In the Lime Green Background, We Seen a Green Turnel, The Turnel is moving very fast, and showing a G and s, Gs is moving to Gamestop, Entertainment is Fade in.

FX/SFX:Turnel is zooming.

Chessy Factor:The Turnel is so chessy

Music/Sound:20 Rock Note.


2nd Logo(2009-2013)

Nickname:"Boom!", "Gamestop II", "Unkrown Bomb"

Logo:In the Black Background, Seen the Bomb in the Room, Door is open, And go the inside, and Explode, showing the text:



in the Impact Font.


Chessy Factor:None

Music/Sound: The Walking Sound, and Explode Sound.


3rd Logo (2013-)

File:9s entertainment.jpg
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