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1st Logo


Warning Warning: The Following Video Is EXTREMELY LOUD,Turn Down Your Volume!

Nickname: "Where's Gacha Summoner" "Gacha Summoner Space From Hell" "Mehoob Productions's And Cuphead And Kirby Combines's Pakistani Grandson" "Gacha Summoner Of Doom" "Worse Than Manish Films,Ismail Production,And Rasmay Films Combined"

Logo: On A Space Moving Weird Background,We See A Lightning Flashing,A Text "گچا سمونر یکجا" Zooms Up,Until We Fade To Black.

FX/SFX: Cheesy Effect.

Music/Sounds: Alot Of Lightning Strikes That It's EXTREMELY LOUD For Good,An Announcer Saying Alone With No Instruments whatsoever.

Availability: Seen On Poor Hated Child | Gachaverse

Scare Factor: Nightmare,Because The Thunderstorms,And The Moving Background Will May Be Get Worse.

2nd Logo


Nickname: "Hey It's Gacha Summoner!" "P.T. Creations's Pakistani Brother" "Gacha Summoner I"

Logo: On A Red Background,We See A Statue Of Gacha Summoner Next To The Incense Being Burned, And A Islam Generation When A Man Prays, So The Company name in Urdu, We Fade To Black.

FX/SFX: The Smoke.

Music/Sounds: Same As The 4th Logo Of P.T. Creations Logo.

Availability: Seen On Their Pakistani Films.

Scare Factor: Low,They've Will Might Scare Some.

3rd Logo


Nickname: "Gacha Summoner II"

Logo: On A Dark Background,We See A Statue Of Gacha Summoner Next To The Name Of The Logo "گچا سمونر یکجا" With A Purple Spotlight,We Fade To Black Afterwards.

FX/SFX: The Statue.

Music/Sounds: Same As The 1st Logo Of Cyan And Moa Combines Logo.

Availability: Brand New.

Scare Factor: Medium,An Urdu Text Will Catch You Off-Guard

Final Note: On 1988,Gacha Summoner Combines Has Been Shut Down.