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Due to Logo of Cartoon's Violence Because The Photo and Videos of Original Logo Will Not Allowed on Site LOOK AT PHOTO AND VIDEO AT YOUR RISK.

Nickname: "I Think Nerveless Base Ltd. (Nigeria) and Rocket Films (Saudi Arabia) are Bad" "Bugs with a Gun"

Logo: See How 3 Logos Did.

  • We See Bugs Bunny with a Gun with Words "Game Over Films" in Red in Gill Sans Font The Logo Will Be 6 Seconds until Logo Ends.
  • After Logo Cuts The Bugs Bunny is in a Road with Blue Text.
  • After Logo Cuts a Arcade Game Appears with Pac Man on a Screen and Gets Hit by a Red Ghost also White Text Fading in.

FX/SFX: None. Just a Logo Fading in and Out.

Variant: on 2000 Film "Ganå Öpenertopn Fqiena" The Bugs Bunny is in a Road.

Music/Sound: Just Music Used Paris Video Home Logo And 2000 Variant Uses Dreamworks Fanfare.

Music/Sound Variant: PAC-MAN Game Sounds for Rocking One and Pac Man Game Over Sounds and The MacGyver Ending Music.

Availability: Seen on Sweden Movies "Fångad av Fruktansvärt Hund" And also German Movie Quaintly In 1999 Such as “Mutter des Jahrtausends”.

Editor’s Note: None.

Final Note: The 2000 Variant Appeared at The End of Game Over Films and Defuncted due to Bankruptcy.