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Background: What if Games Animation continued? This is the result. Real logos can be found here:

5th Logo (April 1, 1997-December 20, 2002)

File:Games Animation Spongebob 2.png
File:Games Animation Ren and Stimpy 10 Years Birthday 2.png
File:Games Animation Spongebob 4.png

Nicknames: "Games Animation's Version of the H-B Character Portrait", "H-B All-Star Prototype Rip-Off", "Games All-Stars"

Logo: On a colored background, we see a partial picture of a Games Animation star inside a geometric shape. Somewhere inside that logo is the words "GAMES ANIMATION INC." in the Comic Sans font. "A NICKELODEON AND VI/\COM COMPANY" ("NICKELODEON" in the Bazooka font and "VI/\COM" in the 1990 Viacom Wigga-Wigga logo font, the rest also in Comic Sans) appears below the picture area.

Trivia: First seen on the pilot episode of Angry Birds entitled The Amazon Trip, last seen on a S4 episode of Harry and Moe: Prairie Dog Firefighters (the episode is actually the show's Christmas episode) entitled A Merry Prairie Christmas.

Custom Variants: This was customized for each show produced by Games during this era, and is available on only that specified show or TV movie:

  • Angry Birds: There are 6 variants for this show: the opening had Orange Bird in front of White Bird laughing in a red vertical rectangle, with the "GAMES ANIMATION INC." text yellow and angled vertically on the right side (at 90-degrees clockwise) and "PRESENTS" is below the logo, replacing the Nickelodeon-Viacom joint byline (all of this zooms in). This logo later zooms in to the show's opening. The closing however, has the rectangle tilted so that it puts the "GAMES ANIMATION INC." text at an angle, the "PRESENTS" is replaced by the normal Nickelodeon-Viacom byline and the rectangle is raspberry-colored. Both variants use a white background, and are used in Season 1. On at least one episode of this show, the end logo was completely vertical and applause was heard which carried on into the Nicktoons Splat logo. Series 2 had the two birds redone, with the closing variant in a different angle and the rectangle is not raspberry-colored on the closing variant. The vertical variant was on one season 2 episode and applause was also heard.
  • Spongebob Squarepants (Pilot Episode): The following characters (starting from the top right, going counterclockwise): Patrick Star (who is waving), Spongebob (with a scared look on his face), Eugene Krabs (looking bored) and Squidward Tentacles (cross-armed with a scowl), all appear in a horizontal shaded blue rectangle. A green "GAMES ANIMATION INC." appears in the center of the rectangle. The background is dark turqouise. They all wear completely different outfits than in the regular show (which would premiere nearly two years later in 1999), since this is taken from the pilot episode of Spongebob Squarepants. .
  • CatDog: CatDog (On a white retangle) is seen above a black "GAMES ANIMATION, INC.," in a different font than the other variations. This is seen on a green background.
  • Santa Stimpy: A headshot of Stimpy, in Santa hat and outfit, inside a blue rectangle. The background inside the shape is snow; the only shape background that is not a solid color. A yellow "GAMES ANIMATION INC.", slanted down, is near the top. The background is green, red or blue.
  • Spongebob Squarepants (S1 episodes): A headshot of Spongebob holding Gary, both smiling, inside a solid blue rectangle. A yellow "GAMES ANIMATION INC." is on the side. This is on a black-blue gradient background.
  • Spongebob Squarepants (S2 Episodes): Spongebob is seen next to a black "GAMES ANIMATION INC." in a white retangle. This is seen in a black background.                                                                                
  • Ren and Stimpy's Giant Trip to Iraq (MTV Special): A headshot of Ren inside a rose bonbon rectangle. A tangerine-yellow "GAMES ANIMATION INC." is on the side. This is on a solid blue background.

6th Logo (2001)

Nickname: "Happy Birthday Stimpy!"

Logo: Against a stone-like background, Stimpy, wearing a black tuxedo, is tap-dancing behind a green baseball diamond-like shape and next to a box with the words “THE FIRST 10 YEARS” inside it. Above that in an arc is a sign reading "THE REN AND STIMPY SHOW”, with "THE" in a small black triangle above the arc. Below is the same "GAMES ANIMATION INC." words as the previous logo, in yellow.

Variant: Some versions use a sky blue BG, or a BG of animated TV static. The former has Stimpy in a purple tuxedo and the Games Animation Inc. script logo in blue.

Trivia: This logo was created in celebration of the 10th anniversary of The Ren and Stimpy Show's premiere back in 1991.

FX/SFX: Stimpy tap-dancing.

Music/Sounds: The ending of the show’s theme.

Availability: Extremely rare; it was last seen on the first season of Kid Woody Woodpecker on Nicktoons but VHS releases have the closing credits slowed down (except for the theme) so it can plaster the logo. The credits are followed by the Nick Leaf (plastering the Nicktoons Splat), then followed by the 1999 closing variant of the 1986 Paramount Pictures logo. The logo is intact however on DVD releases.

Scare Factor: None.

7th Logo (January 1, 2002-)

Nicknames: “Games All-Stars Revisited”, "Games (Comedy/Action) Stars", "Games All-Stars II"

Logo: On a blurry white background with several colorful abstract shapes flying about, we see a clear square/oval that provides a “clear” view of the flying shapes; the square/oval has the "GAMES ANIMATION INC." words embossed in it at the top. Suddenly, we see some of Games' most famous stars running through the logo, as the square/oval begins to rotate. At the end, one of the stars ends up coming towards the logo, ending in a very extreme close-up of the star. A very small Nickelodeon-Viacom joint byline (like logo 5, with the company's names in their respective fonts at the time) appears in the lower right. Depending on the show genre, one of these two similar but very distinct variants of this logo is used; one for Games comedy shows and the other for Games action shows. The stars, “music” and logo shape differed depending on the logo. Here are the stars for each version of the logo, in the order that they appear:

  • Comedy: "GAMES ANIMATION INC." in yellow and in a blue oval:
  1. Sqiudward (as if running or sliding or something)
  2. Doug and Porkchop (both grinning)
  3. Rocko
  4. Ren and Stimpy (both doing a Happy Happy Joy Joy dance)
  5. Chuckie and Tommy (both running)
  6. CatDog (in a weird cranning neck animation)
  7. Spongebob (Crashing into the logo)
  • Action: "GAMES ANIMATION INC." in aquamarine-blue and in a gray square:
  1. Zim
  2. Jimmy Neutron
  3. Ouailman (Doug's altenate superhero identity)
  4. GIR
  5. Reptar
  6. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy punching the logo (appears that they are punching the screen)

Trivia: First seen on Oh Yeah! Cartoons. Last seen on the 2nd episode of the 1st season of New Conker Adventures. It also seen on the 2003 Games short A Wolf and the Thunder Storm and on original airings of Everglades Critters before switching to the next logo in 2005.


  • A still variant of the "Comedy" logo was also shown on the ill-fated 2002 production Dumb Court with a small "In association with" text below; the 6th Comedy Central Productions logo would follow. The same holds true for the first 2 episodes (3 if the pilot is included) of New Conker Adventures, except it was the "Action" logo, had normal animation but about halfway through it abruptly cut to the 6th and final Conker Productions logo.
  • Later episodes of The 100% New Adventures of Herbert the Timid Dragon had this logo bylineless.

FX/SFX: Nifty combination of 2D animation (the characters) with cool 3D elements (the Games shape). This was done by Charlex Studios.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Hanna Barbera Comedy and Action logos.

Availability: Common due to the chief means of plastering, though not as bad as you might think; typically on “new” prints of the most popular shows, mostly late 90's shows. In MOST cases, they match the right logo with the right show; the exceptions are the first 2 episodes (3 if the pilot is included) of New Conker Adventures which used the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy "Action" oval and A Wolf and the Thunder Storm. The comedy one can be seen on season 3 episodes of Spongebob Squarepants.

Scare Factor: Depending on the variant:

  • Comedy: None to low; the weird horn effect might get to you, but it’s neat to see all the characters.
  • Action: Low to medium; the music combined with the creepy sound effects can scare more than a few.
  • None with the closing theme.

8th Logo (July 1, 2002, April 15, 2005-)

Nicknames: "Character Portrait II", "Games All-Stars III", "Games/Nick All-Stars"

Logo: Like Logo 5, a still of a Games star in a shape, usually an oval. The star is always the one that has been featured in the show that has just ended, so there are quite a number of variations (some variations have 2 or more stars). The background is almost always white. Below the logo, there is a Viacom byline.

Trivia: First seen on the short A Rooster Lost in Space and first seen regularly on the premiere of Goat & Rooster.


  • 2005: "/\ VI/\COM COMP/\NY" (in the 1990 Wigga-Wigga font)
  • 2006-: "a viacom company" (in the 2006-present tube font)


  • As noted above, each Games produced original series for Nickelodeon from 2005 onward , always with the cartoon’s star, the only exceptions were non-Games Nicktoons that were already airing at the time and Squirrel Superheroes which used a special variant of the 2002 Games (Comedy/Action) all-stars logo. This not only included the regular half-hour series but one-shorts, previously called Oh Yeah! Cartoons that now fell under the Nickelodeon's Cartoons banner (which are now no longer rerun on TV). Thus, there is a large number of variations.
  • Some of the very early logos had a different style byline. Appearing in an arc-like fashion below the logo are the words “Games Animation Inc., a Viacom Company" This was soon dropped. It was mostly used on Cow & Rooster, . Few Nicktoons repeats of Cow & Rooster have it along with I Am Cheese.
  • Some Games cartoons from this period had some animation to include Nickelodeon's logo; the Games logo would iris-out and then a "shiny" version of Nickelodeon's logo would zoom in. Additional sound effects were used for this. Again, quickly dropped, as Nick decide
    File:Games Animation I Am Cheese.png
    d to end further episodes of Nickelodeon's Cartoons with the 3rd Nick Network logo. In some cases, there would be a quick fade-out before the Nick logo would appear! This was only used during mid 2006-early 2007; again, it is still intact on the Nicktoons repeats of Cow & Rooster usually with the byline variant (also appeared on at least one New Conker Adventures episode).
  • The background logo was white except for a few cases; a special "Rocko" logo, used for at least some of the made-for-video movies produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios; in this case, the background was black. There were no sound effects used. It was always followed by the Nickelodeon haystack logo.
    File:Games Animation Spongebob 5.png
  • On all episodes of Oh Yeah! Cartoons and What a Nicktoon! a headshot of Stimpy looking upwards in a pale purple oval with rose-pink "GAMES ANIMATION INC." is plastered onto the lower right corner of the opening sequence.

List of series or shorts with characters:

  • Stupid Space Cat (Pilot): The end of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons episode A Rooster Lost in Space has a head shot of Stimpy inside of a purple oval on a black background, with the "GAMES ANIMATION INC." in blue. This was later replaced by the 2002 "Comedy All-Stars" logo.
  • Goat & Rooster: Two variants: seasons 1 and 3 has Rooster at the left and Goat at the right in an aqua oval with yellow "GAMES ANIMATION INC." (common on Nicktoons); season 2 has Goat holding Rooster by his neck with apricot-colored script.The oval is jungle-green.
  • New Conker Adventures (Seasons 1-3): Again, two variants: season one has Conker in a purple oval with yellow "GAMES ANIMATION INC." script; another features a close-up of Conker in a sky blue blue oval w/ lime green "GAMES ANIMATION INC." The first one debuted at the end of the third episode of the first season on July 21, 2005. The later one only appeared on two episodes of the second season. In seasons one and two, it is followed by the last Conker Productions logo.
  • I Am Cheese: D.T. Cheese on the left giving a shy look and D.V. Salami giving an annoyed/suspicious look on the right inside a jungle green oval. "GAMES ANIMATION INC." is shocking pink.
  • Spongebob Squarepants (Season 4 and 7): Spongebob jumping is seen in a yellow oval. "GAMES ANIMATION INC." is lime green.
  • Bikini Bottom Adventures: Once again, two variants: season one has Spongebob drilling a green mountain with his legs on a building inside a red and grey triangle-patterned oval. "GAMES ANIMATION, INC." is green. Season two and up has Spongebob in a grey oval making a model of Gary out of Lego bricks. "GAMES ANIMATION INC." is solid black.

FX/SFX: None.This was done by Hatmaker Films in Boston, MA.

Music/Sounds: Same as the Hanna Barbera 1997-2002 logo.

Availability: Depending on the variant. The Goat & Rooster ones are uncommon, because both variants sometimes appear on Nicktoons' airings of the show on weekend nights. The New Conker Adventures one is fairly common and it's seen on re-runs of the mentioned show on Nicktoons. The first version of the said variant is intact on the Season 1 DVD. Myth for the A Rooster Lost in Space variant. All the other variants are extinct. TheBikini Bottom Adventures one is seen before the Google Pictures logo and the 2009 Nickelodeon Productions logo.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low; the laugh could get to some people. None for the silent variant.

9th logo (2014-)

Nicknames: "Shhh!", "The Strange logo that appears on Ren & Stimpy"

Logo: The same as the 2009-present Gracie Films logo, but "GRACIE FILMS" is replaced by Topitoomay's Games Animation Inc. Logo!

File:Games Animation Inc. (Gracie Films).jpg

FX/SFX: Same as Gracie Films.

Music/Sounds: Same as Gracie Films.

Availability: Seen on current prints of The Ren & Stimpy Show.

Scare Factor: Same as Gracie Films.