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Background:Below of Old Flim But They Are Funny of a Week Gantlink Films since in 1999.


Nickname:Gromit in Projecter,Gromit in TV,and Cat in Inkpot

Logo:We See Gromit and Tigger from Gantlink Films Logo But It's time to watch a Movie on TV But They Are the only Projecter miracle film of life but tigger the cat jumps in Inkpot feathers but Jump Down But They Makes Gromit's Two Faces But Camera Goes on Birdseye but the "beyond the reach" is a whisper of a man but The Logo Words Gantlink Animation Shows up Border in Black background first logos of byline.

FX:it's Claymation and Live Action.

Cheesy Factor:But Cat and Dog is Seen.

Sound:the the Projecter we have to meow tigger the cat it's just tigger jump in Inkpot and jump down but sounding of woosh camera goes in Birdseye but same whoosh.

Music:Heroic sounding a Trumpet Tune.

Availability:seen of cartoons and Wallace + Gromit.

Scare Factor:None.


Nickname: Gromit Throwing a Dice

Logo:We See Gromit Who Cares of Throwing a Dice But he Is Willing And Wallace Hold a Dice but shakes it throws it Gromit's close up but dice throws continues but camera goes to a Birdseye but the blue Text Gantlink Animation Is Shown but Go Beyond The Solar System Shows Up.

FX::Throwing Dice.

Cheesy Factor:Aardman Wallace and Gromit Animated.

Sound Effects:Throwing a Dice But Wallace Says "Attaboy Gromit" But Dice Shakes And They Whoosh a Dice and Camera Goes the Birdseye but the sound of whoosh.

Music:A Techno/Slasha Mix.

Availability:Seen in Wallace + Gromit.

Scare Factor:None

Variations:But Victor Screams Out Loud.