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Background: a few weeks of school last tomorrow but it's holding of Gantlink Films logo appears in 1999. before Gantlink Animation


Nickname:Gromit's Camera

Logo:We See Gromit is Sitting in Chair But He is Trying to Work in Camera He is Live making movie but a tigger the cat tabby meows then jumps in table for it and he press button of cat money bank effect but and words to it is Gantlink Films In Light Red and GO,BEYOND THE SOLAR SYSTEMS Are Shown Bold Text Is Large but Gromit moves to S word.

FX:Aardman Claymation and Camera Cartoon.

Cheesy Factor:Gromit and Tigger are Animated.

Sound Effects:When Gromit Both Dog Nosies in Film Projecter but Follows with Tigger Meows but jumped into a table but Mentally Pushes and Meows in Bank Box out logo starts Scott free music.

Music:A Playful Piano tune and Scott Free Music.

Availability:as seen from Gromit's Clay Movie and Tigger island and Ginger and Rocky:the movie and also from Wallace's Invasion Return.

Scare Factor:None.


Nickname:Gromit of Doom,Gromit of Death,Gromit of Heck/Hell

Logo:We See Gromit Walking in A Floor Breaks a Floor But they Have Words Gantlink Films Shows up Light Yellow and Go Beyond The Solar System is Shown.

FX:Breaking a Floor.

Cheesy Factor:Gromit are Animated Claymation.

Sound Effects:Gromit Walks a Floor He Breaks a Floor He Yelps.


Availability:Seen a Lot Of Days,Get a Cox,Meet Jones,Gromit of Run,Henry Hugglemonster Runs off and Also from Denzel Chase.

Scare Factor:Nightmare.


Nickname:Gromit's Tea Pouring

Logo:on its Screen We See Gromit Pouring its Tea but Fingers Moving Still Walked He Wrote X in Calendar But Wallace Sleeping and then Back to Gromit he Walked Away But words Gantlink Films Shows Up.

Sound Effects:Pouring an Tea But Toaster Put In Gromit Snaps Finger From It Wrote it but Wallace Snores Along but Gromit Each Walked but Man Says "Everybody Time for it".

Music:Synth Playful Tune.

Availability:Release from Cats Carol and More.