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Geo Film or Studio Filmowe ,, GEO FILM was Polish defunct film company. Founded in 1950, defunct in 2018. From 1950 to 1989 they headquaters are in Kraków. From 1990 to 2018 they headquaters are in Gdańsk.They don't have logo until 1990. 

Logo 1 ( 1990-2009 )

Nicknames: ,, Creepy Polish Logo I  


Logo:We see black screen for some seconds. Then we see sand dragon.


Cheesy Factor: Low.

Music: Unknown.

Sounds: Thunderstomes.

Scary Factor: Nightmare to very hell.

Logo 2 ( 2009-18 )

Nicknames: ,, Creepy Polish Logo II


Logo:For some seconds we see black screen. Then we see sand worm.


Cheesy Factor:Same.

Music: Unknown.

Sounds: Same.

Scary Factor: Very hell to ultra hell.