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(April 1942-July 1943, July 2009-August 2012)

Logo: In River We See a Water Splashing to a Area of a Camera then Text Says "Gertie Growlerstein Films" in Gothic Copperplate Bold Font.

FX/SFX: It's All Live Action.

Music/Sounds: Water Splashing with Bird Chirping.

Availability: Seen on Tamil Language Fantasy Action Adventure,Animation and Family Movie "Pakki pēcum pūṉai","Tāmas katai","Iraṇṭu vināṭikaḷ mūṉṟu vināṭikaḷ","Vīṭṭup pattiram Putiya toṭakkam","Ālis iṉ voṇṭarlēṇṭ", Now 2009 Film Based on Book Called "Nāṉ oru makiḻcciyāṉa Hugglewug tāṉ" (Tamil Animated Movie not Confused for Book Title),"Maṉatiṟku utavalām" and "Mīṇṭum piraccaṉai illai".

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo

(July 2013-)

Nicknames: "Gertie!" "It's Gertie Growlerstein!" "Awesome"

Logo: On a Orange Background We See a White Text "Gertie Growlerstein Films" in Same Font Like the First Logo We See Gertie Behind the Logo.

FX/SFX: None. Just a Logo Fading in and Out.

Music/Sounds: An Wind Orchestral Tune.

Availability: Seen on Early Animation and Live Action Family Movies Includes "Jerri māṉsṭar","Ṭeṉcal maṟṟum jerṭi","Heṉṟi, ṭeṉcal maṟṟum kerṭi lāsṭ" and More.

Editor’s Note: None.