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Ghostly Sight Pictures Logo

Nicknames: "The Ghost", "Boom Video's Nightmare Brother", "Ghost Tower", "BOO!", "The Ghost of Doom", "Ghost From Hell"

Logo: At night with a yellow moon, there is a tower from a haunted house. Suddenly, a ghost appears saying "BOO!" then the text: "GHOSTLY SIGHT PICTURES" blurs in. 15 seconds later, the ghost eats the viewer and then sock lightning footage (Same one as First National Movies). It then freezes as a another ghost pops out a jumpscare. The logo then fades out to black.

FX/SFX: Simple 2D animation with the transition to the thunder footage.

Music/Sounds: The ghost saying "BOO!", then a theremin, then a "NOM!" sound when the ghost eats the viewer, and then some thunder noises when the stock thunder footage appears and finally a very loud scream.

Availability: Seen on movies produced by the company.

Editors Note: The ghost, the theremin music, and the ghost eating the screen, may scare some people. The thunder footage may count as a jumpscare and that is followed by a terrifying jumpscare from another ghost.