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Background: Go!Animate Home Entertainment is the home entertainment division of Go!Animate Pictures when it was formed from Go!Animate's acquisition of Air Video Corporation, which had been distributing Go!Animate titles on video. It was first known as Go!Animate Home Video. In 1988, Go!Animate entered into a joint venture with MGM to form MGM/Go!Animate Video, also launching two sub-labels; Card Video (later reactivated as Card DVD by Go!Animate Home Entertainment), and Garden Play Video which both became inactive in 1994. MGM/Go!Animate became Go!Animate Video the same year, alternating with the MGM/Go!Animate name until 1998, when Go!Animate Entertainment Group acquired MGM's interest in MGM/Go!Animate and was renamed under its current name as Go!Animate Home Entertainment in 1995, alternating with the Go!Animate Video name until 1998.

Go!Animate Home Video

(January 1985-1988)

Nicknames: "The Trail", "Go!Animate in Space"

Logo: On a moving space background, we see the text "Go!Animate HOME VIDEO"  zooming in, leaving a rainbow trail of "Go!Animate HOME VIDEO" texts behind. The trail then fades out, leaving the text. We then fade out.

FX/SFX: The space background moving, the text zooming, the trail appearing and fading out.

Cheesy Factor: For a 80's logo, this screams low-budget. The space background looks a little cheap and horrible, the text doesn't zoom in very well.

Music/Sounds: A fast synth tune, followed by a whoosh.

Availability: Extremely rare. Most of their tapes made during the time were hard to find, so check eBay to see if there was any tapes that have this logo. The best way to find this logo is on white clamshell cases that have the Go!Animate Home Video print logo (Eric inside a box with the Go!Animate Home Video logo below) on the spine.

Scare Factor: Low, the music and trail may scare some, but it's pretty harmless.