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Stay tuned while I collect your soul...

(April 1, 2006)


This video is very loud, so please turn down your volume before watching


Nicknames: "Horror Factory and K-Fee Gargoyle's father", "Barney of final judgement", "Barney from Hell", "Evil Barney", "Barney Jumpscare"

Logo: On a black background, we see the red letters "FEATURE" and "PRESENTATION" in a western-style font, connecting at a fast speed and at the same time, zoom in, and zoom up, and zoom in all the way, the words shine, then an image of Evil Barney jumps right front of you when we zoom in on his eyes, Then the screen turns black.

FX/SFX: The connecting, zooming up, zooming in, and a jumpscare.

Music/Sounds: A G-Major version of The first eight notes of "Great Ovation" by Steve Gray from the Bruton Music library, with an announcer (Brian Cummings the same announcer as the previous bumper) saying "And now for our feature presentation." After that, a loud scream comes in.

Availability: Extinct. It was only seen on some bootleg copys of movies on DVD and using this as April Fools prank inst of the actual movie.

Editor’s Note: The Barney jumpscare can throw off many people, including the G-major version of the 1989 Gold Feature Presentation logo. However, it was used as a April Fools prank back in 2006, so this bumper has scared a lot of people at the time. So this bumper is intentional.