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1st Logo(2003-2012)

File:Google Pictures Logo.jpg



We see the Google homepage with Google in its font and the search bar and the Search and Im' Feelin Lucky buttons below. somebody types in the word "Pictures" in the search bar.

Logo Variations:The Logo is Newer Google Search Page.

Trivia:The words in the search list are in this order

  • Picture frames
  • Gmail Pictures
  • Pictureshop
  • PhotoShop
  • Pingas
  • Picture devlopement

SFX/FX:The effects.

Music/Sounds:sound along with a Moog synthesizer note

Avalibility: Rare.

Scare Factor:Low to medium.

2nd Logo (2013-Present)

Logo:The Google logo inside the typing the word "pictures"

File:Google pictures.jpg

Taken from Colors of The RAINBOW, Scared, Happy, Election 2012 Movie 2: Adventure and more