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Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:
Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:
*Minimal for the standard music.
*Minimal for the standard music.
*Low to medium for the music variation.
*Low to medium for the music variation.[[Category:Uncategorized]]

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Background: Grandpa Simpson Entertainment (formerly "Group E Productions") was the television production/distribution company arm of ZBS after East City Electric bought ZBS. In 2000, it was folded into Majestic World after Majestic World merged with CBS. Currently, MBC Dreaming Fame owns The Phil and Lil Sports Machine and Teenage Mutant Ninja Rugrats is currently owned by Inspector Gadget with DVD rights licensed to Tigersgate Home Entertainment. As for the rest of the series, they're currently owned by ZBS Corporation and distributed by ZBS Television Distribution.


Nicknames: "The Simpsons", "Burns' Heir"

Logo: On a theater screen, Grandpa Simpson sitting on the seat appears on the left side of the logo while the word "GRANDPA" zooms out from the right side followed by "SIMPSON", both in bold gray lettering. We later see a shining wipe effect while the word "Entertainment" in non-bold Helvetica font fades in and zooms out. The byline "A Unit of ZBS Enterprises" appears underneath "Entertainment".

Trivia: This logo co-existed with the 1995 logo of ZBS Broadcast International.

Variant: A long version exists. The long version starts off with the same animation as ZBS Broadcast International. Later, Grandpa Simpson would later zoom off to the left while the rest of the animation takes place.

FX/SFX: The words appearing and zooming.

Cheesy Factor: It's a fast-paced logo.

Music/Sounds: A much shorter version theme of the ZBS Broadcast International logo from 1995 that starts off with the last portion of the banjo theme while Grandpa saying "Turn it up!" plays twice. Sometimes, it has a much longer version that was also shared with ZBI.

Availability: Ultra rare. It appeared on Ginger Fouley Living, Pelswick's Home Again, Teenage Mutant Ninja Rugrats, The Phil and Lil Sports Machine, and Doug in the City, among others. It's retained on Doug in the City on Mobius TV Guide Network due to the compressing credits. When Ren & Stimpy Factor was reran on Mobius Planet (now Science) this logo was replaced by the 1998 MajesticWorld logo.

Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant:

  • Minimal for the standard music.
  • Low to medium for the music variation.