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Nickname:Gromit's Collar Meet Director Chair,Guild Logo

Logo:in black screen blue spotlight only we see Gromit we Camera Pans into Gromit But The Guild Logo Sildes from both sides the screen we zoom in into a Gromit turns black screen the words "GROMIT FILMS (C)" appears shown gold.

FX:top notch cgi test with Gromit

Music:a guild films distribution 1993's music.

Availability:seen from Wallace from planet weird.

Scare Factor:none. He seems nice.


Nickname:guild logo II,spinning parts of G

Logo:on a white background we see rectangular parts of G fly in all directions when two parts of G meet middle later on,It zooms it and extra rectangular that makes the stem of G fly in, but "GROMIT PRODUCTIONS (R)" shows up in logo.

FX:Flying,Zooms out

Music:a guild home video 1987's music.

Availability:seen in the morning to dear dog.

Scare factor:they seems nice!


Nickname:homeward bound!

Logo:we see homeward bound characters:

Chance looks should have

Sassy was Eating Shrimp

Shadow hugged by Peter

The company's name is red

Variant:dumbest! It's on NTSC.

Music:a theme of Wallace and Gromit

Availability:seen on Funny! on TV.

Scare Factor:Normal.


Nickname: a guild logo

Logo:so a same G Flashes but G logo and shows up line draws it but the time words "GROMIT INC." is Shown.

Music:a Guild Home Video 1983's Music.

Availability:seen on a Saturday Afternoon Movie (2007).

Scare Factor:Ooh.


Nickname:Go Guild

On Same Logo G Parts Fly in blue screen but the word GROMIT PRODUCTIONS is shown orange.

FX:a Parts are Flying.

Music:a Guild Home Video 1985's Music.

Availability:seen from race cats.

Scare factor:none


Nickname:The Video Collection Rip-off

Logo:same ident trough 1986 VCI but so after ends to tv flying in screen then zooms into a screen but the Red Blind only effect but morph into a red rectangle but spins around but Giant G Redner 3D but spins it sometimes it screen turns black but G Finished The Red Rectangle but the romit shows fades in white but screen turns light grey but lines of white but in Black rectangle is,but lines of white morph into a text but "20th Aardman anniversary" is shown.

FX:parts are flying and zooming and spinning.

Music:a video collection logo's music.

Availability:seen in luck world more movie.

Scare factor:okay


Nickname:Gromit Out

Logo:we see Gromit close up in wall background but white Text is Gromit Productions (R) is in White.

Music:inside out song plays.

Availability:seen in blu ray and DVD release


On a green background an text is red

In a blue Background an text is yellow

In a gold Background an text is Blue.