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<Launch> </Shows> Gun Monkey Films (formerly Hydrogen ProductionsWARR ProductionsACCA FilmsRich Willie Films, and Gunman Films) is a movie company. Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company used to be a GreenyWorld studio, but now it is co-owned by FinleyLand Corporation.

The current company was formed on February 21, 2009, once Henry Ewing got back in full control of the company.


Hydrogen Productions

Hydrogen Productions was founded in March 2009 by Henry Ewing, Quentin Tyler, and Sam Loveland. They came up with a bunch of movies to make, both animated and live action, although none ever did start coming into production. Ewing forgot about the company for the most part, not releasing his movie Derek Visits his Grandpa under the Hydrogen name. There was every expectation to make sequels to the movie under Hydrogen Productions, but were cancelled due to a crowded schedule.

WARR Productions

After Loveland left the company in summer 2009, Ewing and Tyler were having troubles coming up with movie ideas. They ended up having a bunch of them, but never made them. In February 2010, however, Haiden Shanahan and Donovan Harris took over, creating their own studio, WARR Productions. They made some of live action movies, as well as a few animated movies, such as North American Gangster (released in fall 2010), Shoot Mankind (released in spring 2011), and Lost Planet. Tyler left by mutual agreement shortly after, although he and Ewing remained friends. In June 2010, however, Tyler took over and shut the company down. In summer 2012, though, the company returned, only to become a subsidary of the old company two years later.

ACCA Films

In August 2010, Ewing started a new company, ACCA Films, announcing a bunch of new movies. Tyler was rehired