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(1956 - 1982)


Gyncos "Letter Showcase" logo (1956 - 1982)

Logo: Green "GYNCOS" in Franklin Gothic Heavy font moves to reveal letters. Then zooms out to reveal the logo.

FX/SFX: Smoothly moving GYNCOS.

Music/Sounds: None.


(1982 - 2001)


Nicknames: "Textbox G", "G and Star", "G of Love", "Gyncos G"

Logo: The Gyncos G zooms in to a dark green background and the text "Gyncos" zooms into it's line part. A star goes across the screen.

FX/SFX: The G zooming in, the star going across weirdly.

Music/Sounds: A tune alike to that of the El TV Kadsre logo and TAT Rising Star logo.

Editor's Note: For unknown reasons, this logo is famous among the logo community.

Availability: Common, bordering on uncommon, but it has become a bit easier to find than in the past many years due to popularity. Most shows that had this ID usually have been updated mainly with of the "Consruction G" or "Riggo-Riggo", 20th Century Fox Television, or RDTA (rede de transmissão argentina) Television logos, among others. 

  • Pinecone: Extinct. Only seen on a lost film and in the introduction of this logo (with the prototype), but we can only see a millisecond of it before cutting to the prototype logo on the only videos of the prototype.