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Logo description by V of Doom

Background: HGV Video Productions was the Anchor Bay Entertainment (formerly "Video Treasures") Canadian counterpart. In 2002, it changed its name to Anchor Bay Canada. More info here.

1st (known) Logo (1989-2001) Nickname: “Pink Stripes and Big HGV”

Logo: On a black background, five hot magenta stripes come from the left, a white “HGV” comes from the right, and “Video Productions Inc.” (in the same color as the stripes) comes from the bottom, all moving at the same time. As soon as they meet in the center, “presents”, in white, fades in below. As a closing logo, the word "presents" is omitted.

FX/SFX: The moving parts of the logo, “Presents” fading in.

Cheesy Factor: Not much effort here, unfortunately.

Music/Sounds: Same music heard on the 1980's Goodtimes Home Video “Rainbow” logo, which is a synthesized percussion tune. On some HGV releases, the logo is silent.

Availability: Appears on Canadian VHS releases of Video Treasures/Anchor Bay back catalog, including Troll, Cannonball Run, Ghoulies, 'Thomas Tank Engine videos, The Black Hole, and Never Cry Wolf, to name a few. Also appeared on A Christmas Carol. Check, or maybe check thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales in Canada for some tapes here. Some of their tapes do appear in America from time to time.

Scare Factor: Low; the music may startle some.