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Background: A former public film company based on Sanjarpur, Pakistan. It's competitors from the 1980's are Quality Productions (from Rahim Yar Khan and Ahmadpur Aman (from Sanjarpur)



Logo: We see on a turquoise background a peacock-like thing superimposed over an capital "H" on a circle. We zoom out and we find out that it's the emblem of the company, which is two circles and over it's first circumference we see "HARUHI FILMS" at the top, "Ltd." and "Pbc." at the center, and "SANJARPUR" at the bottom. The logo then freezes.

Technique: The zoom-out effect.

Music/Sounds: An very bombastic and fast fanfare.

Availability: Seen on some films they produced, such as Gaviyu Kalaamdam.