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Background: Henry HuggleMonster Production International is a Indian Production and Is Founded in 1979 Which Produce Indian Action/Adventure Movies So in 1991 It Went Defunct Due to Bankruptcy and Now Animation and Live Action Reviving the Company in May 2013 While His Show is Premiered in April 15 2013.

1st Logo


Nickname: "What Kind of 4th Golden Harvest It is" "Indian Henry HuggleMonster But He's Not Here!" "a Golden Harvest Rip Off" "4 Rectangle: Indian Way"

Logo: Same as the 4th Golden Harvest Logo But The Text Replaced with "Henry HuggleMonster Production International" in Yellow is Shown.

FX/SFX: Same as 4th Golden Harvest and Text Appears.

Cheesy Factor: Far off the Charts!!!! Golden Harvest Logo Got Stolen How Ever Did It? Henry HuggleMonster is Not Here Until His TV Show Premiered in April 15 2013 Which Could Be This Image But Instead We Got the Cheeiest One.

Music/Sound: Same as 4th Golden Harvest Logo.

Availability: Common. Seen on Any Action/Adventure Movies in Hindi.

Scare Factor: Low. Text is seen Before.

2nd Logo

(May 2013-)

You Doodle Pro 2017-05-24T03 57 47Z.jpg

(FAKE) Henry Hugglemonster Production International (May 2013-)-0

Nickname: "Hey!!!! it's Henry!" "Roarsome!" "The Town of Logo"

Logo: We See an Still Image of Henry HuggleMonster Smilling in Outside with Words "Henry HuggleMonster Production International" in Gold-Yellow Fading in as we turn into stretched over.

FX/SFX: Text Fading.

Music/Sound: An 1st Yaghava Productions Fanfare.

Availability: Seen on Only Animation and Live Action Films Yet in Hindi in 2013.

Scare Factor: Same as 1st Yaghava Productions But Henry is Still Adorable as He's Too Cute to be Scary About Music.