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1st Logo

(1991-October 2013)


(FAKE) Henry Roars Productions Logo (1991-October 2013)

Nickname: "The Defeation of Toys" "MacGyver!!!" "MacGyver is Trapped" "Ouch He Shot by an Arrow of Bow" "Denmark Henry But He's Not Here!!"

Logo: We see a MacGyver Got Trapped by the Bad Guys and Turns Shortly Black When The Bad Guy Shooting a Bow on MacGyver's Chest and is Defeated in 20 Years Ago and The Text Says "HENRY ROAR PRODUCTIONS" The Text is Under the Line on "PRODUCTIONS" and Fades out of area.

FX/SFX: All Live Action and Text Fading.

Music/Sound: Same as The French Rene Chateau Editions.

Availability: Very rare, Seen on "Ikke Min kat", "Den sorte kat om aktiv", "Mysteriet om den britiske Guy" and The Other Films Only.

Editor‘s Note: None.

2nd Logo

(November 2013-)

Nickname: "Hey It's Henry!!" "Henry Roars" "ROOOOOAAAARRRR!!!!!!!!!!" "DERANN VIDEO's Denmark Neighbor"

Logo: We See Henry Says in English or Danish So He Stops Talking and Roars Loudly and The Footage Freezes So The Text Says "HENRY ROARS PRODUCTIONS" in a Same Font from the 1st Logo.

FX/SFX: The Animation and Text Fading.

Music/Sound: The Henry Says in English or Danish and He Roars Loudly and It Freezes and Just a Same as DERANN VIDEO.

Availiability: Seen on Live Action and Animation Movies in Danish.

Editor‘s Note: None.