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1st Logo



(FAKE) Henry and Denzel Films Logo (1988-1992)


(FAKE) Henry and Denzel Films Logo (1988-1992) (English Version)

Nickname: "The THX Broadway" "Hebrew Broadway" "Hebrew Henry and Denzel But He's Not Here"

Logo: Same as THX Broadway But "The Audience is Listening" Replaced With the Hebre Words "The Production of Israel Since 1988" which it's fades in With Hebrew Words "Henry and Denzel Films" in Grey.

FX/SFX: The Logo Fades.

Variant: In English Dubbed Version of Bucky the Cat The English Text Shows Up.

Music/Sound: Same as THX Broadway.

Availability: Seen on "My Cheers Jack","Bucky the Cat","Run Willy Run",Some Opening on Season 4 of "MacGyver","The Adventures of Ralph" and "Not My The Bunny".

Editor’s Note: None.

2nd Logo

(August 1993-)


(FAKE) Henry and Denzel Films Logo (1993-2005)


(FAKE) Henry and Denzel Films Logo (2005-2013)


(FAKE) Henry and Denzel Films Logo (May 2013-)

  • Nickname: Original: "THX Grand" "Hebrew Grand" "Hebrew Henry and Denzel II But He's Not Here" "THX's Hebrew Neighbor"
  • May 2013-Present: "Hey It's Henry and Denzel" "The Return of The THX Grand" "THX's Hebrew Brother"

Logo: Same as THX Grand But The Hebrew Text "The Movie is Starting" The Fades Out We Slow Down the Footage The Slowly Red and Black Cloudy Background Fades the Hebrew Text "Henry and Denzel Films" in White and Fades Out of Black.

FX/SFX: Same as THX Grand.


  • 2005-May 2013: The Hebrew Text Says "Henry and Denzel Pictures Corporation"
  • May 2013-Present: The Henry and Denzel is Still on Top of Hebrew Text "Henry and Denzel Production" The Text is Yellow and Grey.

Music/Sound: Same as THX Grand.

Availability: Seen Briefly on "The Great Denver Broncos","The Piece Watch",Some The Cat Film Series Follows by The Walking Cat Vision (India) and the Walking Cat Production (India),"The Land of Mountains",The 1994 Hebrew Dubbed of "MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday,"The Cats of Yarns","Bucky the Cat 2: The Trails of Forest" and Lot of More.

Editor’s Note: None.