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This tells about the history of Adam's CLG Wiki Dream Logos Wiki.

As Adam's CLG Wiki Dream Logos (2010-2014)

The Start

In 2010, Adam created a wiki that we all knew in love, Adam's CLG Wiki Dream Logos Wiki! All of the users joined in the fun, such as Connorsworld2011, some anonymous users among others. Alot of pages were created on this wiki, Alot of the wiki grew popular (or so I thought) until 2014 when the wiki was taken down.

Downfall and closedown

(This is where things start to get torn apart) On 2014, the Adam's CLG Wiki Dream Logos Wiki closed down and never came back again. Hundreds of the wiki's fans were b***hing and asking that they would keep the wiki open, but failed to. Users like Ultrasentairider attempted to create an alternative to the wiki, but even that wiki was no match for Wikia. Some proof remains of the alternate wiki, but most of the evidence is lost.

As Adam's Dream Logos 2.0 (2015-present)


Everything wasn't the same when SuperKewlGuy123 decided to reopen it. Finally, in 2015, the wiki came back, this time now known as Adam's Dream Logos 2.0. New users (among some old users) joined back in the fun. A rival wiki named Ryan's CLG Wiki Dream Logos was also created back then. As of today, pages of new dream logos have been created such as Stella Girl Productions and a few others from the old wiki, as well as a few copied from the Wikifoundry site (such as Argosy Media).