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Background: Holder Films Torino is a mid-lived company based on Talara (Piura), formed by British-born artist Jake Holder Boshwell. It was named for "Toro Negro", a Inca film director.

Logo (1964-1972)


Logo: We see a starbeam exploding on a black background. Suddenly when it explodes, lines of pink, purple and green are seen zooming in right at us. Powered laser beams on white draw a lion which is seen from far away from the lines. The lion then zooms up and spins twice, and when it zooms right at the viewer's eyes, it roars with fire. Curved backgrounds are seen before it roars. The lion then stops spinning and then turns to black. It zooms out with a squared circle drawing on it, with the lines still moving. The lion then flashes, causing the text "HFT" on a curved uppercase font, except for the "T", which is lined, appear zooming in very closely and then zooming out with trails, which flashes too. The background then stops moving and a white circle is drawn and painted, causing it to send some white lines to form the text "HOLDER FILMS TORINO" on white, in an horizonal font. The font then gets triangled and the circle then gets transparent. It stays still for 5 seconds, causing the whole logo to zoom in to us, leaving 4 seconds of black background.

FX/SFX: Do we really have to describe everything again?

Cheesy Factor: TBA

Music/Sounds: Depends on what year the logo was shown.

  • 1964-1967: An synth explosion, followed by a ascending fanfare which repeats 2 times, along with a conjoint synth zaps and then a lion roar with another zap. When the lion roars, a 30-second version of Pete Moore's "Asteroid" is heard on it, along with the effects of the drawing and the final result. A loud whoosh is heard when the whole logo zooms out to us, along with a THX-esque note.
  • 1967-1972: An synth explosion, followed by a cacophony of old Peruvian instruments (such as Inca ones), along with a laser beam sound when the lion draws. The lion then roars and then a mish-mash of fire sounds are heard. When it's done, a big band tune with bongoes and batteries (possibly another cacophony, but now it's rhytmical), along with explosions and whooshes. The last note is held when the logo sends it's final result, and when it zooms out, 4 synth dings are heard.

Availability: TBA

Scare Factor: Depends on the variant.

  • With 1964-1967 Music: Minimal to high. The animation, the synth note and the explosion, combined with the drawing, zooming in of the HFT, and the logo itself are questionable, combined with the ascending note and the sudden fanfare. The lion can contribute, due to it's roar and the zap. The THX-esque note also may give people nightmares even further, but it's the perfect logo to get used to.
  • With 1967-1972 Music: Medium to high. The cacophony which features the whole music, along with the all-of-the-sudden zaps and whooshes, with the explosions, the lion roaring even further and the bombastic big bang music can contribute to a nightmare. Another reasons? The same as the music from before, and the explosion is very loud, it can give people the chills.

However, a numerous amount of people can consider this the most favourite of the Peruvian audiences, beacuse it produced movies based on Inca legends and such things for usual.