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We also do company bumpers and warning screens.

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We also do Intro Variants and Intro Bloopers . 



Welcome to the return of Adam's CLG Wiki Dream Logos! As you can see, everything has been ultimately improved, so that means no more losing the wiki and no more losing pages!

Now, relax and make a logo you've dreamed of, or a logo that you thought up on your own!
NOTE: Adam's CLG Wiki Dream Logos was originally founded in 2010. Now it's back and you can create and edit any page you want :)

We want you to contribute to this site! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Closing Logo Group's CLG Wiki's Dream Logos wiki! Here, you make dream logos that you want to be real. Ever had a dream or a daydream of a real or fake company's logo that didn't exist? You can sparkle your imagination here! Don't be shy! -The CLG Wiki Team

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all of them of an history

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Intro Variants

We give you cool variants.

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Intro Bloopers

For funny things.

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Scary Logos

Visit them to the spooky move!

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