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Arcade Game:
1981-1984 Logo: We see Homer J. Simpson emerging from a tube then going then going down a banister and then bouncing off a trampoline then going down various tubes and tunnels , then going up in a balloon, then falling, then coming up in a water spurt, before it is revealed to be on a cartoon arcade game machine. "HOMER" zooms out over the top and then "Homer Simpson" zooms in.

SFX/FX: All Live Action

Music/Sounds: an arcade game-type tune

Avallibilty: Might be found on VERY old VHS Tapes, other than that----LONG extinct.

Scare Factor: TBA

Homer's Top Of The Hour:

Logo: On a living room, we see a TV imprinted by the Homer Simpson logo with various shapes emerging from it, before a parody of Dali Salvador's Persistence of Memory appears with several Homer Simpson clocks meting after spinning its hands, then some flying calendars with Homer Simpson on the top of each calender on a house background changing seasons from possibly summer to winter, then to a Great Structure-esque structure with 1985 or 1986 (depending on the year) on the top with the Homer Simpson logo on it. Then, a road appears and then a Homer Simpson arrow sign. We cut to a road with men racing in hot dog-shaped karts each with a Homer Simpson bun, then to a futuristic city with a Homer Simpson rocket-ship passing by. Then, various people with different types of clothes and accessories, as well as a Homer Simpson heart beating once, a robot with human ears, an early Homer Simpson tractor logo, and Homer (in his 1987 Tracey Ullman Show appearance) wearing a tuxedo whose bow tie spins once. Then, an ice cream cone appears with a Homer Simpson ice cream scoop falling directly on it, then to Snowball and Santa's Little Helper (also in their 1987 appearances) on bumper cars, but accidentally collide into each other to say "Homer Simpson" on the bottom of the bumper cars, then to a little fish that is eaten by several bigger fish consecutively with the largest reading Homer Simpson, then we cut to a front seat ride on a roller coaster as it goes into a Krusty the Klown head (also in his Tracey Ullman Show appearance) with eyes moving side to side. Finally, we cut to the same Homer Simpson television with the same objects emitted. There is also Bart and Lisa (also in their 1987 Tracey Ullman Show appearances) in space-like attire as well as Santa's Little Helper watching it, then the Homer Simpson logo jumps out of the TV and fills the entire screen and landing as a polygon with spikes on a blue background.

Variant: In 1987, the whole animation was changed to a completely new animation featuring Bart Simpson (in his Tracey Ullman Show appearance) as a DJ with TV lollipops & his family members (in their Tracey Ullman show appearances).

SFX/FX: A mix of 2D animation and live action from Jerry Lieberman. The 1987-1988 version by International-Rocketship has 2D animation fully, though.

Music/Sounds: First, we hear a part of the Homer Simpson theme played to the tune of the Simpsons theme, then We hear scats through the entire bumper until we hear the rest of similar tune used at the beginning. Occasionally, a voiceover is heard throuought the bumper.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: None to low. This logo brings back tons of memories

Big Yellow Quintet (1985-1993)

Homer Simpson (Calling Cades).jpeg

We see Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie walking down a street wearing Homer Simpson shirts all mixed up then they change it to make it spell right. They gather inside a TV with a face on it as the Homer Simpson shirts merge together. Then they keep walking down the street.


All the animation in the logo.


The family singing some kind of chant leading into how Homer Simpson is #1 which is like "Hon de laud hup hivvel up Homer, Hon de laud hup hivvel up Homer Homer, Hon de rikki tikki lo y living #1 Homer Simpson!"



Scare Factor


Anagrams (1991-1999)

Homer Simpson (Spelling).jpeg

On a blue and orange flashing background, we see Mo Pem Rhinos spelled under a black box where Bart, Lisa and Maggie say each word. Then it changes to Ship Somer Nom and the kids repeat it. Then it changes to Oh Simon Remps and the kids repeat that. Finally, we see all 3 changes as the word changes to Homer Simpson as all the kids say Homer Simpson.


The kids are animated.


The kids talking with bongos and weird music playing.



Scare Factor

None. Even though this was aired a lot, it was really stupid.

Yellow You Glad You Got Your Homer Simpson (1988-1995)

Homer Simpson (Yellow You Glad).jpeg

On a white background, you see the words go Aren’t You Glad You’ve Got Your Homer Simpson as a yellow Homer Simpson appears while a man sings “Aren’t You Glad You’ve Got Your Homer Simpson” then other men join in.


All the animation in the logo.


The guys singing.



Scare Factor

Really low.

School Children (1992-1998)

Homer Simpson (School Children).jpeg

A bunch of children from the Springfield Elementary School are on a picnic blanket with all the food eaten (i.e cheese, and a sandwich). One plays a guitar and another sticks out of a can with a night cap on as they all sing the Simpsons theme while some children hiccup. 1/4 of the food have Homer or Homer Simpson in them. At the end, it zooms out of the picnic blanket saying Homer Simpson.


All the animation in the logo.


All the school children singing with a guitar playing in the background.



Scare Factor

Low. The singing bad-sounding children could get to some.

Quimby (1985-1993)

Logo:We see Joe Quimby in a barbershop, saying "1, 2, 3". Then three more mayor come in and sing, "It's time, it's time for the network of mine". Then a comb scratches the screen and a scissor cuts it. Then we see Joe wearing a Homer Simpson t-shirt.

FX/SFX:Cut-out animation by Charlex in New York.

Music/Sounds: The singing mayors.


Scare Factor:Minimal.

Doll Shop (1992-1998)

Homer Simpson (Doll Shop).jpeg

We see all kinds of Simpsons merchandise. At each object, Homer Simpson is right at the top. A bunch of kids sing The Simpsons Theme, A pause occurs with Homer yelling "D'oh!" and a bunch of cartoon sounds. Then the kids resume the song by saying "Homer is kids" followed by Bart laughing and Lisa groaning.


Just live action of bunch of dolls lay out of a doll set.


The kids singing and the dialogue with bluegrass twang in the background.



Scare Factor

None to Minimal. This is a funny logo. Unless it gets on you.

Golf (1987-1994)

Homer Simpson (Golf).jpeg

Bart says "Shhh..." and then hits a Homer Simpson golf ball with his club. The ball goes through the whole course full of obstacles that read "Homer Simpson" as you hear pinball music. The ball makes it into the hole as a bunch of kids cheer.


Animation for most of the part.


Pinball type music.



Scare Factor

None. This is a good logo.

Clay Bomb (1986-1992)

Logo: We see a clay Homer Simpson bomb. The bomb explodes into the following in order: a fish, a triangle, a car, a cloud, a cube, a rocket and finally a boy with a Homer Simpson t-shirt.

FX: Stop-motion animation. This was done by Curious Pictures in New York.

Music: A bunch of cartoony sound effects and Nelson saying "Haw Haw!" at the end.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: None

Homer Simpson Blimp (1991-1997)

Homer Simpson (Homer Simpson Blimp).jpeg

On a purple flashing background, we see Bart, Nelson and Ralph in painting a yellow blimp. Then they put the letters Homer Simpson on it to spell Homer Simpson right on the blimp.


Animated chromakeyed onto painted purple backgrounds alternating.


A bunch of drums.



Scare Factor

None. This was a commonly popular logo.

Disco Kids (1992-1998)

Logo: We see Bart, Lisa, Ralph, Nelson, Milhouse and Maggie sawing down a Homer Simpson sheet as it zooms up on the Homer Simpson as we hear Marge say "Do the Simpsons Thing". The Simpsons theme plays except at the end it goes on Simpsons. It changes to Ralph, Nelson and Bart in yellow Homer Simpson suits doing disco. It zooms in on Bart as we see the suit say Homer Simpson.

FX: The characters on a blue and green flashing background.

Music: The kids singing with disco music in the background.

Availability: Extinct

Scare Factor: None. This is a good logo.

Lockers (1992-1998)

Homer Simpson (Lockers).jpeg

In a black and white school hall, we see the SES kids getting stuff from lockers and going to class. As more kids go to class, we see the Homer Simpson lockers in black and white. One locker is open, but Bart runs to shut it. The logo then turns to color.




Just the kids chattering and locker doors clanging shut.



Scare Factor

Low. The Homer Simpson going from black and white to color may startle some.

Opera (1992-1998)

Logo: We see a conductor with long hair, glasses, a mustache, and a little beard on a stage as he uses his baton to start the show. Then it zooms out on a lady with big yellow hair that reads Homer Simpson wearing purple singing the Simpsons theme. It briefly closes up to her mouth. Then we see her whole body as she loudly sings "Homer is kids!" Then we see the conductor with a hysterical look on his face as his glasses break.

FX: All 2-D. This was designed by the now-defunct Blue-Brick Design in New York City.

Music: Orchestra tuning up until after the conductor begins the show then the lady sings with an orchestral number in the background.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: High, the lady’s big hair and zooming out and the scary-looking conductor’s breaking glasses could scare quite a few.



Logo: Lisa (in her 1989-present appearance) holds up a Homer Simpson bone to Santa's Little Helper, throws it, then we see a close-up of the spinning Homer Simpson bone then the dog catches it.

FX: All 2-D

Music: Same as the "School Children" logo except it's barking from the dog and the tempo is speed up.

Availability: Extinct

Scare Factor: Low to median. The music and close-ups of the bone might get to some.



Logo: In a funky-style room, a Bart face appears in the center as we see 2 yellow fists with eyes and lips on the right and 2 Homers on the left as the 2 fists do the Homer Homer Homer. Screens behind them say "Homer." Every time the Bart face says Homer Simpson, the Homers change to "Homer Simpson." After the 2nd time, we see Homer Simpson pop up on the screen 3 times.

FX: Stop-motion animation, probably.

Music: A funky-sounding version of the Simpsons theme.

Availability: Extinct

Scare Factor: Median to NIGHTMARE, Bart in the middle, the close-up of the Homer Simpsons, and the graphics may scare some, and it has seizure-inducing flashing.

Dog Spot

Logo: We see Santa's Little Helper sniffing across the screen, his nose coming up really close to the camera. When the dog stops, we then cut to the Homer Simpson logo on grass {C}

FX/SFX: Stop-motion animation.

Music/Sounds: Sniffing and grunting sounds from the dog.

Availability: currently seen on The 90's Are Everything and The Animalistic Bushherbs Movie.

Scare Factor: Low to medium; the close up of the dog can cause a few spooks.

Funky Dance:
Logo: We see a group of children from SES forming a circle as Homer sings Everybody Over Here then the Simpsons theme plays starting to dance carrying a Homer Simpson parachute as they walk in a circle. Bart and Ralph jump over the parachute as the rest of them dance. Then they cover themselves in the Homer Simpson parachute.

SFX: Animation.

Music: Homer singing the Simpsons theme.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: None. This is a good logo.

Water Balloons:

Logo: We see Homer singing "Homer is Kids" while holding a Homer Simpson Water Balloon that falls out of his hand. He dances while trying to get the Water Balloon as we see a bunch of other Springfield citizens sing the Simpsons theme. Finally, he catches the Homer Simpson water balloon while holding up a basket with a bunch of Homer Simpson water balloons in it. Then, Bart pops out of the water balloon.

SFX: All the animation in the logo.

Music: The citizens of Springfield singing the Simpsons theme.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: None.

The Eyes Have It:

October 2005-December 2005:

Logo: We see Lisa Simpson (in her 1989-present appearance) walking onto a stage and flipping her eyelids inside-out to applause. Then as she walks off the stage, the Homer Simpson triangle appears, this time with a ton of eyes flying around.

FX/SFX: Live-action.

Music: TBA

Availability: Extinct, due to parent's concerns about the usage of the eyes.

Scare Factor: Low.

{C}Windshield: {C}


Logo: We see Homer driving a car. Three splats saying "HOMER" appear. Homer gets angry and he decides to use a windshield. The windshield turns the three splats into a bigger splat saying "HOMER SIMPSON". Homer is confused.

SFX: 2D animation. This was done at IBC Digital.

Music/Sound: The man muttering, along with some splatting sounds.

Availability: Rare; seen on the Empire copy of the "Bronx Babies: Angelina the Divine" VHS tape.

Scare Factor: Minimal.{C}

Kids on Table:


Logo: On a curtain background with a towel below, we see a bowl reading Homer Simpson Suddenly, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie (in their 1987 Tracey Ullman Show appearances) pop up singing the same thing from the Yellow You Glad ID. They dance backwards and the curtain opens up to reveal a gradient background with palm trees that are reading Homer Simpson. The kids fall off miserably at the end. Then, a doughnut along with the kids themselves now splatted up smiling and the splat entirely reads Homer Simpson in between.

SFX: Classy animation done in an animation studio

Music: Same as the Yellow You Glad ID.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: Minimal. The the kids falling could scare some.



Logo: On a light-brown background, we see a close up of a Homer Simpson cactus. We zoom out to reveal Maggie Simpson who touches it three times.

{C}SFX: 2D/cut-out animation. This was done at Our Gang Productions, which is now defunct.

Music: A nice mariachi tune with Maggie saying "jerk, jerk, jerk."

Availability: Extinct, but it makes a cameo appearance in a promo for The '90s Are Everything along with other IDs.

Scare Factor: Minimal

Bart Head on Chair


Logo: In a house containing blue walls, a yellow door on the back and a wooden floor, we see Bart's head (in his 1987-1992 appearance) rocking from side to side on a chair while watching television. A few moments later, a giant yellow tornado reading "Homer Simpson" rips off the walls and the roof. His head stares at the tornado for a few seconds. Afterward, he continues rocking his head.

SFX: Live-action puppet animation and flashing from the TV.

Music/Sound: Same as the Water Balloons ID, but some wind sounds from the Homer Simpson tornado.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: Low; mainly due to the whirling sounds.

{C}Main Course


{C}Logo: We see a fast food cashier opening a yellow paper bag when it opens up, it reveals Marge (in her 1987 Tracey Ullman Show appearance) sitting on a chair with a fishing rod under a Homer Simpson umbrella, the bag closes and it opens up again, an elephant eats grass wearing a Homer Simpson cloth, It closes and opens one more time to show Bart (also in his 1987 Tracey Ullman Show appearance) dressed up as a viking with weapons in his hands and screams "EYAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" with a Homer Simpson banner, the bag is closed harder to reveal that reads Homer Simpson.

SFX: Stop-motion animation. This was done at Olive Jar Films in Boston, MA.

Music/Sound: The bag opens, Marge singing, the Elephant trumpeting with drum music, Bart yelling and a loud crashing sound.

Availability: Extinct, but was once shown during The 90's are Everything in 2016.

Scare Factor: Minimal; the loud crashing sound may turn people off.

Teacup Drinker

1986-1995 Logo:TBA

SFX:Early CGI.



Scare Factor: Low

Egg and Spoon


Logo: In a purple room, with an egg on a stand on top of a table full of Homer Simpson logos, a spoon taps on the egg, which gains the face of Homer (in his 1989-present appearance) in a scary expression, complete with green hair, horns, a nose ring, and a giant mouth with fangs. The Homer egg makes a weird noise resembling a low pitched roar, which causes the spoon, which turns into Bart (also in his 1989-present appearance) with chicken features, to start squawking in fear, then his runs off. The Homer egg then looks at us, then turns towards us as he swallows the screen and as we see the Homer Simpson logo imprinted on his uvula (the hanging ball thing in the back of your throat), he makes the low pitched noise again.

SFX: Early CGI animation. This was done by Edward Bakst.

Music/Sound: A weird brass theme when the spoon is tapping the egg, then a horror theme starting when the egg becomes Homer. Low pitched grunts/roars from the Homer egg (as well as chuckling when he starts to swallow the screen) and squawking from the Bart chicken spoon are also heard.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare, the Homer egg will definitely catch those who aren't expecting it off guard (though this is intentional due to the theme), and the Bart spoon chicken squawking may also get to some. This can especially scare children, but adults and those who are used to seeing it may have less of a problem.

Hungry Homer


Logo: We see Homer holding a fork and a spoon. He then sniffs the spaghetti on his table. Homer thinks it's yummy, licking it's tongue near his face. Homer decides to eat the spaghetti, revealing the plate to say "HOMER SIMPSON" in it's corporate font.

SFX: Stop-motion animation. This was done at Olive Jar Films.

Music/Sound: Homer grunting, along with slurping when he eats the spaghetti and a weird voice when we see the Homer Simpson logo.

Availability: Extinct.

Scare Factor: None, but Homer eating his lunch could make you a little hungry.



Logo: On a gold background, we see Homer Simpson (in his Tracey Ullman Show appearance) blowing a horn saying the word "HO", Bart saying the word "MER", Lisa sings "SIIIIIIIIIIII", Bart saying the word "MP",and a man hitting a gong with a mallet making "BONG". Then the words join together making "Homer Simpson" with "SON".

SFX: All the animation in the logo. Done by International Rocketship in Vancouver, Canada.

Music/Sound: Tuba music in the background, the dog blowing the trumpet saying "Ho", the cat saying "mer", the bird sings "SIIIII", The cat saying "Mp", a gong sound and everyone (excluding the man) saying "Homer Simpson".

Availability: Extinct. It can be found at the Yoshi Archives at One Astor Plaza in New York.

Scare Factor: Low; a harmless one.

Singing Worms: 1987-1994

Logo: On a yellow/orange gradient background, we see 3 worms emerge from behind a granny smith apple. From the center, the apple peels, revealing in the Homer Simpson logo. The worms all sing and dance.

SFX: 2D animation.

Music/Sound: The worms all sing a doo-wop tune, ad-libbing "Homer" into the song.

Availability: Was extinct can now be seen as a break bumper on The 90's Are Everything On TeenHomer.

Scare Factor: Minimal to low, the singing worms may catch you off guard the first time, but otherwise harmless.

Trampoline Splat


Logo: On a white background, we see a yellow ball bouncing on a yellow trampoline 3 times, then it floats in mid-air, forming a Homer Simpson splatted triangle with the words "A" at the top and "PRODUCTION" at the bottom.

FX/SFX:CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: Three bouncing sounds, followed by the Simpsons theme being played on an off-key glockenspiel with Homer shouting "Whoo Hoo!".

Availability: Rare; can be seen on episodes of "Pistas de Purple" (the Spanish version of "Purple's Clues") on Homer on Demand En Espanol.

Scare Factor: Minimal.

Origanic Letters2009-

Logo:See Variants. Variants:

  • Tumbling Ball: On a white background, we see the word "homer" curled into a ball. The ball gets bigger, revealing the letters "simpson". The ball gets free and the letters in it form "homer simpson".
  • Origami: On a white background, we see part of the "h" all folded up. It un-folds backwards, and forms either "homer", or "homer simpson".
  • Zoom Away:We see a yellow background. We zoom out the reveal a yellow line. We zoom down, and the line forms the words "homer", or "homer simpson".
  • Spin: On a white background, we see the letters in the logo spinning. They stop and form either the words "homer" or "homer simpson".
  • Button: On a white background, the "o" looks around, and finds a button. The "o"jumps on it, causing the rest of the logo to crash and form "homer simpson".

FX/SFX:CGI animation.

Music/Sounds: It depends on the variant.


Scare Factor: None to low.