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Nickname: "Gordon and Rhonda" "Hometel Kannada" "What is That" "stars and moon"

Logo: At The Night We See a HomeTel (Between Hotel and Home) as Of Gordon Shumway (from ALF) Sitting in a Bench When He's Resting when as Before Rhonda Comes and Hugs Gordon When The Stars and Moon Shines and Sometimes Company's Name Appears in Kannada When Everything is Complete.

Variant: See Variants.

  • On Some 1995-Present Films, Longer Version Exists When Live Action Hotel Is Going Down To.

FX/SFX: Cartoon Animation.

Music/Sound: An Diplomat Video Music Playing as the Announcer Speaks About the Movie in Kannada.

Availability: Seen on Each Movies That Produced by a Company in Kannada such as "ಎದ್ದೇಳು" (Get Up in Kannada).

Editor‘s Note: TBA.