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1st ID


ID:In space, the planet Mars appears after a few seconds, spend a few meteorites. The camera moves to the moon. Passing the moon the camera pulls back to show the inside of a spaceship, which is tilted. Then it shows that the spacecraft is a roll of film. This passes through the moon. Inside the ship, a robot brown eye moves across the screen. The ship passes by Saturn. an approach to screen the spacecraft becomes. an approach to land ago. After made this, you can see Bob Popcorn (Known as Pochoclin in Argentina) looking out the screen of the ship. The display begins to write: Turn off your phone. Locate emergency exits PREPARE: At that time, begins a count of 15 seconds. The ship begins to pass through the land. On the planet, a clapperboard film appears with the text "Enjoy the show ... When closed, there is an "explosion" that forms the logo of Hoyts. Popcorn Bob appears to the left of the logo. The logo fades to black, and the movie begins.

Variants : Coming Attractions:In a field of corn kernels , they begin to see fireworks, followed by exploding corn grains , transforming into popcorn.. The logo is first formed by stars . When the logo is totally complete , fades , and text " Coming Soon " it appears in blue. The screen goes black .

There is a shorter version of the intro , which starts like the original, then cut to the part where the spacecraft passes above Mars , then it passes over Saturn and then when it leaves the clapper on Earth.

On several occasions , There are other music on the display screen.

FX: Feature Presentation:Almost everything.

Coming Attractions:The popcorn , and the logo being formed , more fireworks and the text appearing .

Cheesy Factor : Medium to High and bordering to Cheese Me

Music/SoundsIn the intro of next releases an orchestral music , leaving the text next releases , harp sound followed by a calm tone .

Normal intro uses another orquestral music.

Theatrical variant uses a dramatic orchestral fanfare. , and tone of the short version .

Availability: Original Version:Extinct,The logo remained until 2009 , although you can see youtube.

Short Version:It was never used in the theater, just seen in Youtube in 2008.

Theatrical Variant:Also,extinct.,A version with poor quality of the video is on Youtube .

Scare Factor:Coming Attractions:Low to medium ,the environment can be frightening , but the scare factor decreases when the calm tone is played .

Original Variant:Medium,The orchestral music is a little dramatic for a cinema, but a great logo.

Short Variant:Minimal,Fanfare end and loud music can surprise the public, but not as bad as the next variant ....

Theatrical Variant:Medium to high due dramatic music and atmosphere of the space, but the scare factor decreases when the music before the end sets.

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