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1st Logo (1970-1985)[]

IMAX 1970

Nicknames: "Morph" "Sci-Fi" "WGBH copy!?!?"

Logo: On a black background, a strange blue shape zooms and stretches, which then unravels out by rotating, and the shape has revealed to be 4 blue boxes reading "FOR", "THE", "BEST", and "PIC". These texts then fade out and the boxes morph to an outline of the IMAX logo in blue. A copy of the outlined logo zooms out and turns to a blue rectangle, then zooms in, creating a blue flash. It then fades out, revealing the solid IMAX logo in blue. "IN SELECTED THEATRES", and a copyright stamp fades in below.

Omnimax Version: On a black background, a strange blue shape changes in effect, only for the shape has revealed to be 7 boxes instead of 4. It instead reads "FOR THE BEST PIC, SEE IT IN...". It does the same way to morph into an outlined Omnimax logo in blue while during the morphing state, it ripples. Solid blue rays start to thicken the inside lines of the logo, making it solid. When it's done, we flash to a blue background and we go back to normal. "The New Addition to IMAX Cinemas", and a copyright stamp fades in below.

FX/SFX: So much to explain, but here. The strange shape rotating, the blue boxes, and the IMAX logo.

Music/Sounds: A laser sound. Next, we hear sci-fi ambience and alien sounds. A reverse THX Deep Note is heard and the sci-fi ambience continues. When the boxes morph, computer beeps are heard. Next, for the copied logo, 2 whoosh sounds accompanied with a thud. The sci-fi ambience continues again, and after a few seconds, another long thud is heard. The echo from the music makes it look like it's slow motion.

Availability: Extinct.