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Nicknames: “Angry Arthur”, “Mad Arthur Standing in The Logo”, “I WARNED YOU!”, “Hey Arthur!”, “Arthur”, “The Screaming Puppet (for Masta Blastaz)”

Logo: On a green-orange background, we see “I WARNED YOU!” in a tall, stone-textured font (similar to the I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! titles) and “PRODUCTIONS” in green under; falling to the bottom. Arthur (from the PBS Kids show, Arthur) jumps to the logo (a la Marvel Productions “Spiderman”) and does a mean pose as he croses his arms and do an angry face.

Variant: On Masta Blastaz, we see a white puppet with green clothes, blue jeans and an orange baseball cap screaming until it increases the volume. When that, the whole screen shakes until the familiar words fall down and crash onto the screen, and he runs away.

FX/SFX: The words falling, Arthur jumping to the logo. Quite good mix of 3D and 2D animation. For the puppet variant, the puppet screaming, the camera shaking, the words rapidly falling and crashing on to the screen, then the puppet runs away. This is a mix of pupperty, 3D, and special effects.

Music/Sounds: A “CRASH!” sound and then a thump when Arthur comes. On Masta Blastaz, a high-pitch scream that increases the speed as rumbling start to be heard when increasing, then a cartoon descending whistle and a really-loud cartoony “CRASH!!!” sound effect.

Availability: Common, seen on F.L.E.A.S. and many other animated series produced by the company. The puppet variant can be found on Masta Blastaz, although it can be plastered by the Tomato Productions on Disney XD UK airings.

Scare Factor: Low bordering on medium. The sounds and the grumpy look of Arthur can crawl away a few. Medium to high for the puppet variant, as the freaky puppet screaming SO LOUD, combining with the weird nature of this logo and the more-loud “CRASH!!!” sound with the logo falling out of nowhere like it’s destroying to your screen may catch kids off-guard.