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The Logo As Seen Here.

Ignition Entertainment (officially known as Ignition Entertainment Corporation II LLC.) is an American film production company based in Burbank, California. Ignition has released films with all notable film studios: Disney, Touchstone Pictures, Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, Columbia Pictures, Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, The Weinstein Company, Warner Bros. and Open Road Films.

1st Logo (2015-)


  • "The Lightning"
  • "Red Thunderball"
  • "The Touchstone Rip-Off"

We zoom out of a red, cloudy sky, with flashes of lightning occurring. Then, the word "IGNITION", in Trajan Pro, zooms out, and settles on the middle right. A flash of lightning charges itself up, and the strike turns the logo 2D and the background black. The strike of lightning is now encased in a red circle and "ENTERTAINMENT" is below "IGNITION".


The lightning, the zoom-out.


A dramatic violin sounder accompanied by the sounds of lightning.


Common. Is is seen on movies like Tommorowland (co-production with Disney), Riddick: Apocalypse 3D (co-production with Universal Pictures, Media Rights Capital, Radar Pictures and One Race Films), Agent 47 (co-production with 20th Century Fox), Batman vs. Superman (co-production with Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment, Syncopy and Cruel And Unusual Films) and Star Trek 3 (co-production with Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot).

Scare Factor