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Immediate Entertainment was a home entertainment distribution company.

Logo (2001-2008)[]

Nicknames: "The Light Rays", "Immediate Of Doom", "Netherlands Fire Alarm", "Ibbott's Scary Cousin", "Piddar Home Video's Creepy Cousin", "Nightmarish Immediate".

Logo: On a still watery background, we see a red circle dropping down. When it drops down, the background ripples, then pans to that reveals cloudy light rays. Suddenly, a flash occurs, causing the color to turn red. 3 seconds later, the word "Immediate" in red appears from the light ray, shifting to the middle and shifting downwards (zooming in), then stops. The word "E N T E R T A I N M E N T" in white slides to the middle.


Music/Sounds: A synth drone accompanied by a low whooshing sound. When the background ripples, the synth drone slows down/descends while the low crash-like sound plays. When the flash appears, a creepy synth drone plays while a low boom sound plays. When "Immediate" appears, another low boom sound plays.

Availability: Seen on many DVDs.

Scare Factor: Medium to nightmare. The flash appearing, the creepy synth drone, and the dark/scary atmosphere will scare a good amount of people. The color turning red also doesn't help much, and the synth drone slowing down is jarring and is creepy.