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Logo Descriptions By, Databrawldude90000.

Background: JHJ Productions is a company founded on 12:00 PM, December 31st, 1969 by Jack The 3rd. While talking to his friend, He said, "Lets make a film company!" It didn't have a onscreen logo until when "Star Wars: Clones" debuted in April 15th, 1975 on NBC.

First Logo (January 29th, 1970 - present)[]

Logo: On the end credits of a show, "(C) [YEAR], JHJ Productions, All Rights Reserved" Fades in.

FX: The fading of the text.

SFX: The end song of a show.

Editors Note/Scare Factor/Cheesy Factor: None. But on prints of shows produced before 1997, Minimal, If your scared of aged film.

First Onscreen Logo (April 15th, 1975 - 1990)[]

Logo: On a neon blue background, 7 Stars appear. And the text, "JNJ PRODUCTIONS" appears in neon red. Then, Neon Yellow light shines down on the text, It reveals that the shower of light is a stickman, then the stickman does a backflip, then its head points at the 6th star.

FX: The stars and the text appearing, The stickman.

Sound: The sound from the 1985 Nelvana logo.

Avalibility: First appeared on the Star Wars: Clones episode called, "The Death Star".

Editors Note/Scare Factor: For the film variant, Minimal. For the Videotaped variant, None.

Second Onscreen Logo (1990 - 2004)[]

Logo: In a house, We see a Zombie with it's face torn off. It says, "Your life will be pitch black in a few seconds. Everyone you love will, Perish. Goodbye." Then it kills the the screen.

FX: The zombie, It Killing the screen.

Variants: When the zombie says his line, The stickman dumps a bucket of red paint on the zombie. Like in that one episode of Greeny Phatom. The stickman from the previous logo says "No!".

Sound: The song "Rock a bye baby" playing In 0.25 speed.

Avalibility: Seen on everything produced by that company.

Editors Note: It actually killed Some people! The logo Caused 1,000 Fatalities In the USA alone! Eventually... Children had nightmares about the zombie killing them. Mostly children 0-10.

Scare Factor: Giga Super Duper extreme Scary! Nobody watched Star Wars: Clones and The English dub of Neon Genesis Evangelion ever again.

By this time, Corus Entertainment bought JHJ Productions under the Nelvana Branding in 2004.

3rd Onscreen logo (2004 - present)[]

Logo: On a Black Background, we see The text, "JHJ Productions". The stickman now named "Sticky" lands on the text. Walks on it, and moves his head. The star appears. And some Magic dust thing appears.

Variants: There is a prototype version where there's 7 stars instead of one star. There is a extended version where a star appears and bounces around the screen, and the text appears. then the logo plays normally. there is a version, that has the byline, A corus entertainment company in gray. there is a short variant, it starts at the point where the stickman is on the text. it then plays normally. There is a variant, that only appeared on the gross 2. the logo plays normally. but, this time, the stickman burps out the star. and some green snot color goo appears, and splats the stickman and the text. the stickman says, "What the heck?"

Sound: The 2004 Nelvana Logo theme. But the laugh is replaced by me laughing. or the closing theme. or just none at all.

Sound Variants: The same, but more shortened. The gross 2 variant has a train sound and the sound of me spitting, and the stickman (Voice actor firey from BFDI) saying "What the heck?"

Availibility: For the Prototype version, It was only on JHJ's 2003 Demo Reel. For the normal version, Rare, Check your DVDs of The Jackyardigans. For the Long Version, Was on JHJ's 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 demo reels. For the short variant, Common. For the Gross 2 variant, Rare. Was last spotted on a March 1st, 2011 airing of the show.

Editors Note: I, Don't like the gross 2 variant. So don't post pictures of the variant on this page. Don't post it on my userpage, Don't post it on reddit, Don't put it on youtube, Don't Post the variant ANYWHERE ELSE!!!!

Scare Factor: None. For the gross 2 variant, None, Bordering on minimal for everyone else, High, Bordering on Nightmare for me.

4th Onscreen Logo (2017 - Present)[]