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Background: Jack Media is a television and film company founded in 1925. It's first production was "The life of Jack Potter". It's mascot, "Jack Stickmin" was designed by Bruce "Pop Pop" Potter in 1965.

1st logo (1930-)[]

Logo: We see the in credit text "A Production Of Jack Media" on the ending credits of a movie.

FX: None.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of the movie.

Editor's Note: This was a in credit logo.

2nd logo (1965-2004)[]

Logo: The mascot appearing on the text "Jack Media".


  • For the 1965-1975 version, it is in credit.
  • For the 1975-1995 version, On a black background, a blue square with a red outline flies from the top right of the screen, gradually enlarging and turning counterclockwise to fit the screen. The text "JACK MEDIA" appears in red. "JACK MEDIA" lights up in orange and a neon outline of Jack Stickmin appears.
  • For the 1995-2004 version, On a space background, there is a flash of light and the Jack Media logo appears in CGI on the background looking similar to the 1st logo, with some exceptions: there is a blue arc (because that's how mafia works), as well as the "JACK MEDIA" text and Jack Stickmin are no longer outlines and now colored, but still in 2D. A comet flies from the right.

FX: None for the 1965-1975 version, The blue square with a red outline enlarging and turning counterclockwise and the "Shower of Light" for the 1975-1995 version and TBA for the 1995-2004 version.

Music/Sounds: TBA

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • For the 1965-1975 version, The closing theme of the movie.
  • For the 1975-1995 version, A dramatic rising synth tune as the logo flies up, followed by a thunderclap as "JACK MEDIA" lights up. For most of Jack Media's 1980s and 1990s shows, the end theme played over it, or it was silent.
  • For the 1995-2004 version, The end theme of a show, the generic network theme or silence.

Editor's Note/Cheesy Factor: The 1995-2004 version was cel animated until 2001.

3rd Logo (2004-)[]