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(December 2000 -March 2005)

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Nickname: "Mr Dalton" "Jack Dalton Rises" "Exactly" "Dalton Air Over: The German Way"

Logo: We See an Picture of Jack Dalton is on a Plane With the Text "Jack Rise Productions" in Georgia Font in Orange and "prasentiert" in Times New Roman Font is Shown.

FX/SFX: None. Logo Fades in and Out.

Music/Sound: An Dino De Laurentiis Distribuzione Fanfare.

Availability: Seen on The Movies in German That Inculdes "Side by Side", An DVD of an Episode of Macgyver is Called "The Jack of Lies","Tells of A Story","Me and My Cat","Runaway Home" and Also Appearing of a Opening for a Movie "Spy Buck".

Scare Factor: Low. Due To an Music and Jack Dalton's Appearance.